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  1. Limbo is the way to go. I set it in auto, used the minimum amount of turtle and set the betting to stop once I won. Also, I turned the the lightning bolt on so that it was turbo without the animation. It took me about 4 different tries over a few day period but then one day I set it, went to the store, and by the time I got home (within 20-30 mins), it already hit. I’d do it then go to sleep.
  2. @observe I didn’t even see this reply until just now so I apologize for not responding sooner. You are right. I was in a bad mood that day and being a sore loser so I was just being irrational. I would never report a gambling site to any regulatory agency because if the site were a scam, it wouldn’t last long so there would be no need to waste my time reporting it. This site is legit. . And I wouldn’t give a bad review either simply because they don’t have any impact on a site. Not to mention I wouldn’t want to cause harm to a business just because I didn’t get my way. I know talking about reporting them in their forum is just as bad but it’s all talk which I have sense stopped trying to make such comments because they’re immature and fueled from frustration. Having said that, the games on this site have a way lower RTP for me than other comparable sites but that’s why I will just play where I can win and wish good luck/congratulations to those that can win on this site or that have a better RTP than I get.
  3. BC.Game: Not a dating site but promises to make sure you get screwed every time you visit. or BC.Game: the most expensive way to get frustrated. or BC.Game: make large deposits, leave disappointed in under 45 seconds, guaranteed!
  4. Interesting that there was no reply, although, not very surprising as this site doesn’t seem to care about any players. I came to the forum to discuss the way player loyalty on this site is severely undervalued. As much as I wager and deposit daily/weekly, the weekly recharge is almost insulting. For example, I consistently wager $10,000-$12,000 each week, sometimes double that. My recharge bonus is between $5.00-$7.00 each week. There is no value to play on this site when the RTP is incredibly low and so are the benefits. Gambling should be fun but it isn’t when there are extended periods of losing streaks. Playing 40-50 bets in a row without even a minimal win happens far too often on this site. That’s why people claim it is a scam. I know it’s not a scam so I don’t claim that but that’s one reason why others do say that. I, too, have asked support several times to have a VIP host review my account and have been told for weeks now that “it’s under review” or “a vip host will contact you if they are impressed with your gameplay.” I’m not sure how much more they expect when other sites that have way better RTP offer way better benefits. I guess I should be more loyal to those sites than to this one….
  5. **i deleted my comment because I have since found out that the article to which I was referring had a mistake in its definition and I don’t know how to delete my comment from here haha**
  6. I have bet on the Egyptian Adventure slot game 46,818 according to my player stats. When I first started playing the slot, I noticed that the earthquake feature that randomly occurs to clear lower valued symbols off the reels and allow new ones to land (essentially, a free “respin”) was never hitting anything when the new symbols dropped. Nothing at all! So after the 10th time in a row this “feature” produced nothing, I decided to keep a tally of how many times it happened. Out of all of my bets on this game, the earthquake “feature” has occurred 149 times. It has landed on absolutely zero wins today n the respin 149 times. I know this is a heavily advertised feature of the slot game but it’s essentially no feature at all since it never produces results. I mentioned it once to support who just told me it was “provably fair.” Basically, the response when you bring up any potential issue with any of the games. The only reason we are viewed as “sore losers” is because we, at the very least, want to spend our money somewhere where it’s respected. If you don’t listen to potetential problems and think players are just complaining, then you’re not respecting the players. 149 times, in my opinion, is not “luck” based but a faulty “feature” of a new game which is likely to have a few bugs here and there.
  7. On June 5, 2021, I was playing the Three Little Pigs slot by KA Gaming on BC.Game, and hit a free spin sequence that won .06616 bch. However, I noticed it was not credited to my balance. I pulled the bet slip showing the win, my bet history, and my bch bill from the wallet. My balance never increased by that amount. I talked to support who told me to refresh because it was credited. I refreshed, still nothing. So after asking to show me where it credited, the support agent advised I should check again to see if I see it. If not, he said he will escalate. The win was not credited. So he said he would escalate, and it would take 3 days. I have checked back every single day after the 3rd day and am just told there’s no update. Support is helpful as much as they can be but I feel like the escalation team is trying to just ride it out in hopes that I will either give up or forget. That was $43 usd worth of bch at the time of the win. I will not be giving up on this. It does make me wonder how often it has happened with the 3rd party slots so be sure to watch your wins get credited carefully. If they can’t even correct it with proof after 15 days, I highly doubt they would correct it on their own if they ran into an accounting error. Unless of course the accounting error was not beneficial to them. Then they’d be all over that trying to recoup from players. Let’s see if this ever gets fixed and how long it takes. Remember—I sent in proof with screenshots. It’s 15 days later….is this a site that is trustworthy? We shall see….
  8. TheTiminator


  9. Time to report them. I’m reporting them because of this, the blackjack dealer’s consistent out of this world luck, the fact thyat our odds decrease dramatically and are blatantly noticeable as we increase our bets on any game, and the falsh t youy e advertising the site has all over it in various places. I’m sick of reporting these issues to the support team only to be dismissed as some sort of sore loser when really I don’t mind losing if the game is fair. These are obviously kibiased games with a very very small chance to win
  10. Earlier today, 9 out of the 10 hands I played ...the dealer got blackjack. please someone prove the fairness to me.
  11. Yep I have noticed that too. Bring it to supports attention and they don’t care. They say “we are provably fair” or “when you gamble you are risking money.” It’s ridiculous. Also, what cracks me up is this casino pretty much tells you you’re going to lose. Look at the forum rules. One of them is to post “when” you lose. Not “if” you lose. Something is not right in these games but no one on their end believes me. So I continue screen recording all sessions and continue to build my case.
  12. The addition of the slots and live casino are the best. I do like the new polished look and feel. It seems like it’s harder to win for some reason. I made a while post on the forum about possible blackjack glitches/bugs that I have reported to the support team a few times but they think I’m being a sore loser or something. One other bug I’ve found is in one of the slots. The bonus game triggering freezes. No big deal though because it goes straight to the bonus once you refresh. It’s the Super Shot 2 from KA Gaming.
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