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  1. sooooooooo wheres mine danny??
  2. What do you think of BC 3.0? How do you feel? -excited, surprised, confused, pissed, annoyed, but generally happy depending on what bug I've stumbled across. How about the new interface? Do you like it? -***HONEST FEEDBACK*** nO, I absolutely hate the new interface, my reasoning behind that answer to list a couple; The black on green on all the high viz/ high contrast uglier than sin colors puts a noticeably greater strain on my eyes when enjoying the casino===This is also a new thing to get used to right after I had really had the chance to understand and use the old layout design. I did prefer the more neutral colors from the old BC. The bugs upon bugs are a pain but do realize these will be addressed and remedied as they are discovered, but makes the whole thing feel rushed and a tad plagiarized and cookie cutter copy and paste type deal like that end of semester final 30 page essay you put off doing until the last day like a good degenerate would do best. it feels very much like an early beta test app only offered to a handful of early adopters, but its a change and change is good, without change there is no room for growth, so its a step in the right direction and do look forward to its improvements and added games and features How is the game experience? -I haven't tried out every game just yet but a couple I have tried are pretty good with a couple things that I consider undesirable, I am still getting used to the new max bet / amount "slider thing" that's new and a bit extra....you know what they say "if it aint broke don't fix it" Wheel-wheel is broken, you can spin spin spin spin and the thing never stops on a spot if you keep hitting, not really sure what that does to affect the actual game i was going to try that out on low difficulty wheel and see if it registers wins. ======The RED bird thing that coco calls it is out of place, he hangs down on the wheel instead of right over the top which makes it cover up one or two spaces next to dead center so what looks like a hit most always seem to sneak out behind big red and remain completely covered up Limbo creepy music constantly plays in the background outside the app, after switching games etc., turbo bet is almost to fast, also don't like that it doesn't show anything but zeros for the numbers that are shown except when you hit and then it only shows Your bet and not what came up. The mix of those 2 makes the game feel more chaotic and shady Have you found a bug? If your feedback is a bug we haven't found yet, you can get extra BONUS. found lots of bugs mentioned a few above. another bug is the incorrect display of your wallet balance in 3 places all different all at the same time. submitted photos and descriptions to support already and I'm sure most of them are covered in this thread by now. - --- if you come to the forum and then go back at least on mobile it sends you to old BCplatform Any other suggestions? customizable color "themes" for your casino would be a cool easy one, Maybe a first time on screen prompt to "tour" the new features and locations of everything, also a rundown how they work.....with the little checkbox do not display again, could be helpful for some people navigating the new ui I really think the token swap is fuckin great and important, also the token deposit conversion is quite the kickass addition to the vault/wallet area bring back some other daily tasks these new ones are a little whack imho
  3. It's okay for the day I guess. Buuut more importantly I was checking out the new features and new locations of everything that was once familiar, and when I went to check my vault balances they showed 0s everywhere so I went to drop my daily spin into the vault and tried to do just that. ...... Nothing was deposited into my vault and now both wallet+vault have 0.0000s for balances on every coin?!? Where's my money BC this isn't cool bro......
  4. Shiiiiit code with all the xlm, ltc, trx, eth, xrp, doge, xmr, bsv, cro, btc, eos, you get the picture and rest of these shiiiiit coins im letting BC borrow at the moment ,
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