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  1. Betting ID: 11731752 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=qG0vcyOsB0Nlzo9FK4UUEWJDLFkcD0k86UsKnHCk19Zu3ytH6QUMtxqcSL39ztBrSsuAPE9OLQtgxPvqcUwNksAYy0KpmyXzEQGcBrpKkMbBppHrimw4MCeK5Cqf6W%2FNsAxV0xjxcT68Cm9DlzEeRKuxf2A%2FbeXKTduYXn%2B08YI%3D&i=221125&range=235,241 Betting ID: 11816753 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=paYdNRDMWWM%2BBi6CnHhURFrM66Lwrfm9BlrVLbSbX6%2FYaDRiqynYxtTuogjCqcA2zCPgP7cXX8hXSine%2FAPM6YbeCTF%2BdOeLt4BLGy0Q91ixN4wHbTPRjPCdWQT1G%2FWoC2RwJMTUSfUc6XtRZ53%2BBBJEZonHCEPQW3c5wM8xOow%3D&i=222627&range=289,295 Betting ID : 11816924 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=L1KUzyPDmKsFScHTdAq9JWb9ey8HlPWYRs%2B%2FeAdb376Puk8rAq4o9DMlm6J1748BMkaVsAIz14T9MwKiSsfm1sBOCDKNtuLr1NbtQukaIMKtNdhEUW66cUl%2BfwVNgPKt8BS2mrVmYcPQPx488BT8tdHwryYxKmmThD36wgVljxk%3D&i=222638&range=0,5 Betting ID : 11816954 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=L1KUzyPDmKsFScHTdAq9JWb9ey8HlPWYRs%2B%2FeAdb376Puk8rAq4o9DMlm6J1748BMkaVsAIz14T9MwKiSsfm1sBOCDKNtuLr1NbtQukaIMKtNdhEUW66cUl%2BfwVNgPKt8BS2mrVmYcPQPx488BT8tdHwryYxKmmThD36wgVljxk%3D&i=222638&range=5,11 Last one, BETTING ID : 11838383 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=hzynBVOvVVBhbstF%2FXDA0%2B0lSRrfS5vjTSCOyKZ%2BZU%2BNq8%2B631syU6bHxpLswa0pIgkkTcA0VglLI2%2B6b3S%2BxfSXxU%2BlF%2FkL7tqCrPGjlDBJEFRm4HBdyxqRH6n3y6zVL54V%2Fd0XX1nZ6wvI%2FjBWcQ8tca8oepwuGVGJCvk4rYs%3D&i=223009&range=131,140 P.S - 3 CRO = $0.5.5
  2. Next full moon will occur on June 24th. Btw welcome to the bc game, mr.father
  3. Here are my suggestions for this special BcGame exclusive slot Suggestion 1 :- Different animation / effect From the above images i can observe that, this game is going to involve many different types of cryptos. So it would be nice if we add some kind of animation / effect when someone hits highest multi. Eg :- If some one hits highest multi with doge then the animation would be like Doge going to the . We can use this image for that And the animation or effect will be different for each coin. Suggestion 2 :- One free spin daily It would be nice if we can give one free spin daily for all the active BcGame users. I think it would help to draw more users to play this slot. Suggestion 3 :- Task center We can also use task center & give free spins for the users who met the requirements. Eg:- Wager 100$ to get a free spin. Or Hit 50x on limbo to get a free spin. And the wager amount / base bet amount depends on the user level. Suggestion 4 :- Slot winner Similar to daily leaderboard ( which includes top 3 winners of the day ) we can also have a Slot winner / Slot winner leaderboard / Slot leaderboard and it show case the biggest winner of that particular day. Few other suggestions :- - As SHIB is added to BcGame, we also add few small tasks in our slot and up on completion of any task we can reward users in SHIB . Like, Login to get 100 SHIB Hit 100x multi to get 1000 SHIB Hit three 20x in row to get 10k SHIB. So that users will play this slot on regular basis. - We can also add medals related to this slot Like BcGame SLOTTOP1 - Your profit (ATH) on BcGame Slot ranked 1st! You did amazing! Slot lover - You are not kidding when you say you love BC.Game! Your loyalty is the talk of the town! Get this awesome medal when you place over 1,000,000 bets on BcGame Slot. These are my suggestions, and thanks for this opportunity.
  4. I've an idea & I don't know whether it work or not. My Idea :- like every other slots we don't have any multiplayers (1x, 2x, so on) instead we have crypto ( Yes I'm right ). Eg:- Instead on 1x we give them 100 trtl 2x = 200 trtl 3x = 500 trtl 4x = 1000 trtl 5x = 5 trx 10x = 20 trx 15x = 15 Doge 20x = 30 Doge 30x = 50 Doge 50x = 25 Xml 100x = 50 Xml 200x = 100 Xrp 500x = 250 Xrp 1000x = 500 Xrp 2000x = 100 Eos 5000x = 250 Eos 10000x = 50 Link 50000x = 5 Eth 100000x = 1 Btc ( It is the highest prize that one can win ) And yes, 0x equals to 100 JB . NOTE:- As prizes/rewards are high, we can put a base bet like 10$/ 1$/10 Cents. And prizes may vary up on user's base bet. And we can also add few free spins, when a particular requirement is met ( like five 10x in a row equals to 1 free spin ) . And we can add different rewards for free spins ( would be nice if rewards for free spins are in BCD ).
  5. We can have medals like Drop Master and Drop Stormer which are similar to Rain Master and Rain Stormer. The Drop Master - You are a pro at catching drops! Get this medal when you catch 99 drops. The Drop Stormer - You love to Drop! You have a big heart! Win this medal when the total amount of Coin Drops you’ve dropped reaches 100 USD. As BCD is introduced as new in game currency, then why not to have a new medal named BCDTOP1. ( This is similar to BTC & ETH top1 ) BCDTOP1 - Your profit (ATH) on BCD ranked 1st! You did amazing! Roll lover similar to Coco lover The Roll Lover - Win this lover when you roll 200 times! Here are few more interesting medals Winner - Win this medal when you hit above 100× in any 10 different games. The Dice King - Win this medal when you hit 100× thrice in a row in any dice game. Let me wager - Win this medal when you wager more than 1 Btc for 7 days in a row.
  6. BC 3.0 looks pretty interesting & a bit confusing Here are few bugs which i found 1) In deposit for 150% bonus (we should get 900$ for $600 or above, but it says $600 for $600 or above) which is similar to 100% bonus. 2) Before the update i had like 90+ likes on my profile but now it is displaying 0(zero) likes on my profile. 3) I had few BTT in my vault pro before the update, but now it shows i had 0 BTT in my vault pro. ( Same for trx & vsys) I think it might be due to they are under maintenance but their is no clear information provided regarding it. These are few bugs which i found. And one more thing, i wasn't able to find privacy settings & 2FA settings.
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    One user - one shitcode? @Danny777
  9. I think we should have a medal for winning 10000 bets
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