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  1. oh no, just 1 second :((((( I lost all coins already
  2. So how do u wanna check? I can help but before accepting, I need to know the plan
  3. Haha.. tell me this win is big or not big???
  4. Someties, people complains that they cant communicate with me coz I dont look at the chatbox, and also ignore the mail box. Sincerely, how can I keep my temper stable and calm if sometimes, during my manual playing game, I have to read something people talking about me, insult, harashed me with bad words, spreading rumors about me ( Mostly, the one who asked me money but I couldn't give it to him/her, they would start to make up a story and blame all on me). I try to use block button but seems it not working, all I dont wanna see still see, and further than that, if I want to block s.o I have to be friend with them???
  5. Mod #1 Mituo Grey Mod #2 Hunt. Mod #3 Danny777 Mod #4 Coco Sister Mod #5 Forum Father Edited June 16, 2020 by Yizzle
  6. Hi, please admin, I need your help coz everyday I have to face with an insane person keep insulting me. Not only begging for coins, if I dont tip I will be harrashed, spreading rumors, and more more things make me stress. That person also scammed lot of people in viet nam room. And viet nam mod can't handle this matter. I have to play in stress and many times cry due to all those words came from that member. Multi accounts as he admits publicly in viet nam room, and why nobody gonna handle this matter. Does BC really care, or even take a look at this terrible situation? I already make reported on vietnem telegram official group, calling out help from mod in viet nam room , and lot of people knows this matter.
  7. I rarely cashed out my coins after winning, mostly I would love to make rain and share my luck with other unlucky members. There were few times that I made withdraw transaction: I used all those coins for donation to help a need-support case as a kid with tragedy traffic accident; or helped the animal rescue team that I mostly spent time to support them. Almost was frustrated about myself to waste lot of coins. But never be late, I would stop for a while and restart new game after finding few coins enough for minimum betting.
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