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  1. BCGAME get ready, ḅit, go! --------------------------------------- next both the same, just one in original latin 2nd i like it in Latin, otherwise in english BCGAME seize a play carpe diȇm @BCGAME
  2. 77 Metal Spring medals It's a win/blessing or a More than fine curse, it is unpredictable, i'll explain this further on. -total of 77 medals that randomly pop out of a window at any random calculated time at BC-GAMA Live. During a game, chat, or whatever, as long the players are connected, active on BCgame site -each medal has its own series 1 to 77 total that are named after the title starting with the first drop: MSM1, second drop: MSM2 etc.. -A medal gets dropped during an Amazing Pop up Window of 7sec presentation, that all active players can see live ( in : The Most Amazing 77 Metal SPRING Medal Show ) -when it randomly drops on a player, they have 7 seconds the time to accept or reject the MetalSpringMedal. # accepting= pay ShowTaxes of 7% of your last 7 game winnings and be the first or next of a team. = benefit, you get 7% winnings of the next player in your team of their last 7 min active play calculated also 7 last play winnings included. so the first player may have big winnings, and so to give this up is tricky. The next player might be playing and wining low or perhaps he just hit the jackpot, in that case 7% Showtaxes well-earned. # reject the Metal Spring Medal and it directly moves to the second in line, previous random picked, multiple in line for the community to watch. If the second in line rejects or is busy on Netflix, the medal gets dropped on the 3rd, 4th..... Untill a player accepts. -each drop eventually represents a team of 10 players. -the random drop is made by different calculations and info such as big tipper, frequent chatter, most depositing player, big lost, last login to BC-Game, longest online least of any cash, in total 77 option, thus 77 Spring medals dropped during that month. In other words there will be a total of 77 different criteria that represent a tea medal. the deVelopers of BC-game have to brainstorm and figure out how to orchestrate these ingredients into a fine working random cooking/calculating machine of 1111's and 0000's , good luck with that encryption. I'm sure the graphic designers would love to work on this to. This idea can go wilder, and it goes a little something like this :-) *****TheMostAmazing ***** --------77MetalSPRINGMedalS ----------- ****-----GrandShowFinale---**** #MSM-semi and GRAND FINALE at the end of the month last 3 days of presenting winners: $ 1st day: best team of the 77 teams. The best team with highest total winnings of the 7 members joined (this team wins that total plus 77% on top, 2nd team gets total earnings plus 7% on top, 3rd team gets earning plus 0.7% on top $ 2nd day part 1: Highest individual earnings gets those earnings plus 77% on top, second runner-up, 3rd $ 2nd day part 2: Fine'Cursed team and individual player with the least amount gets earnings plus 777% on top $ 3rd day: Mega live (bingo)tombula for all team members each get 7 tombula tickets total of 77 prices. These prices paid by the Showtaxes total profit. Prices like smart watches, electric bikes, amazon bikes, trips, dinners, etc. Each member team member of BC-Game will get 1 ticket to give away randomly to a blogger, chatter or community player, best affiliates. There is much much more for another time... I'll end it here for now keep smiling, keep shining :-) peace JayDee75
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