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  1. About adding medals We need a program like Rollpoint With the difference that this medal is awarded to several people per week (activation time at the end of each week) And it is activated only for people who deposit and bet during the week You determine the amount of the prize and the number of people who receive the medal And at the end of each year or month or .... you hold a contest between people who have received a deposit medal and determine the prize. With this method, there is no more news of fake accounts during periodic competitions and justice is done
  2. group A,because I feel calm down and energy and motivation for play.
  3. all of Mods are great. but my favorite is HUNT
  4. عالی آفرین فقط یه کی دیگه میزدی اسکلت بود
  5. مسئولین لطفا رسیدگی کنن به من کد نمیدن
  6. مسئولین لطفا رسیدگی کنن به من کد نمیدن
  7. بیا بیا واست صلیب آوردم کوکو 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿
  8. کوکو از بس زدم صلیب ندادی واست اسکلت آوردم بلکه یکم دردت بگیره ☠
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