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  1. 2ez4me


    So you wont come after for this shitlink code? Then thats minus 1 foryah
  2. 2ez4me


    Both you two stop that fukng nonsense lmao you both are griwn ups dont act like you were 7-8yo
  3. Ancestral Pyramid Slots! Story : An ancestral pyramid shows up after thousand of years. this ancestral land holds the thousand treasure within (treasure vault of the ancient Pharos) it is said the greatest Pyramid of all. This will be the greatest journey that BC players will have, a lot of us will do the treasure hunting, and a lot of us will fall and some might succeed but we players of BC doesnt know defeat! We will go forth until we get the whole treasure(multipliers) inside the pyramid! Spin like a professional! Or Bust like a coward! The journey begins!
  4. 1. Lucky dog: It should be like this first 10000 then 30000, 50000, then last is 100000. Tho the medal list chest a bit low but it will be better if you increase the chest from 5 to 15 then next 35 then 60 last is 100. 2. The boss: Starts with 20,40,60,80,100 this is much better then directly 99 players 3. The rain stormer: much better if we start at 30$ to 50 then 100$ well talk about those guys who cant afford to rain that amount in one go. Atleast they will earn a medal if they do rain. 4. Call me rich man: starts at 100k$ then 300k$, 600k$, 1M$. Well you know its much better if the goal isnt way to far if you want to reach it. 5. Talkative: it should be 1000 chats per day and continuously for 5 days this way everyone will have the motive to be active on chat the more active on chat the less it gets bored you know what i mean. (Task done will earn 3-4 medal) 6. Coco lover: starts with 200 successfully claim then next 500 and 800 to 1200. Well it will be fun cus everyone is looking for coco 7. Contest master: Not consecutive month. Much better if you make it consecutive 4 weeks placed on 1-3rd position. (Should be placed top 1-3 daily) So everyone will have a chance to aim the task and wagger more daily. 8. Remove the top currency medal ranking instead replace it. Replaced it with (roll hunt . Ex. Hunt 77.77 dice for 10 times using BTC. Same goes to other currencies. Well this way a lot of people will get attracted and hunt the hunting numbers) especially there should be a minimum ex. For btc 200satoshi for eth 2000ethoshi) every currencies task done will earn 5-7 medals. 9. Most and importantly the chest reward. Every chest will gain them random currencies and random amount tho i said random amount but it should be wont go lower than 100$ as i speak on the first around the lucky dog hunt medal. Then next not lower than 300$. Until 100 medals reach players will get or support will provide them the currency they want and reward should be around 5000$ well i know some players wont like these suggestions but it will be fun if medal hunting goes for a task little by little i mean thats where the fun is! Everyone is so eager to get those medals. The rest is good but it will be good if some of the task that i weren't mention should have some adjustments too. Thats all i have to say. Ps. Im not that good at English so please bare with me
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