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  1. This is a joke! No shitcode works, within 2 min of receiving the message and receive error deactivated. Leaving a shit review on the web.
  2. I will catch up with you sooner or later.
  3. I sent you a DM check it out. Have a great day at work.
  4. @Marvingaye77 Right? I mean anyone who has been to any casino knows promotions are what keeps the players coming back along with at least winning.
  5. Have never had the chance to redeem a shitcode. By the time admin sends, they are deactivated. Spending your own money for entertainment with low odds of winning, you would expect better promotions coming from a casino. That is why I found a couple new online sites that have great reviews and once you win big, it makes any player want to spend their hard earned money. But with BC Games I am starting to become a little skeptical.
  6. @Danny777 Shitcode? No luck with the previous codes sent out.
  7. Have never redeemed a shitcode
  8. Slot game suggestion- • when hitting a free spin combo, when the reel starts for the free spins- if you hit certain reels that win crypto, make the reel with the specific win pause while the free spins continue. As you continue to use the free spins and hit any more of the winning theme/picture, allow them to pause and continue until all spins are completed. The amount of winning themes that hit provide a multiplier at the end of the spins to multiple your winnings. • second idea if you hit a certain number of specific themes allow 3 boxes to appear that the player can decide to pick, which will provide a multiplier or a number of free spins.
  9. Is there only one BC person who gives out ShitCodes?
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