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  1. BC.Games has seen substantial growth to its player base over the last year. The community growth is a testament to the dedication and hard work the BC staff and loyal player base. While this growth is welcomed it has also caused issues surrounding the rain/drop system. Currently, BC.games has many accounts that use bots to obtain these drops. This abuse of the reward system is occurring at an increasing rate. This abuse causes frustration among many players who regularly deposit and play on BC. I propose that a minimum daily amount must be wagered for players to be eligible for rains and drops. Creating this minimum daily wager will decrease the number of players that "farm" rains and drops while also promoting wagering on the site. I believe that doing this will reduce the frustration among players that regularly play/wager because the pool of players eligible will be reduced. A minimum amount of at least $20 USD to be eligible for rain/drops would promote more wagering on the site while attempting to reduce the number of players that "farm" rain and drops. Those that Sign this petition please forward this to support and admin with a suggested amount of daily wagering to be eligible for rain. Please Sign Petition at https://www.change.org/Minimum_Wager_Rain_Drops
  2. @CivicMe 1st ($200) @Флинт 2nd ($100) @GKD69 3rd ($50) Congratulations to the top 3 podium winners! If you are one of the top 3 podium positions, congratulations! Your prize will be sent to you directly by BC staff. Anyone who entered a valid bet will be paid out an equal share of the prize pool totaling $350. Great job everyone and keep your eyes out for the next flash challenge that will be released for this upcoming weekend! > View the final list of valid bets for this challenge -- This concludes this challenge --
  3. Since we are struggling to meet this 5/10 threshold I am going to drop it to 4/10 to qualify for group pool prize. Get on some keno and do things!!!! Please make sure your bets equal a MINIMUM OF 100 SATS! Otherwise you will not qualify.
  4. R U L E S + D E T A I L S The rules for this flash challenge are listed below, please pay close attention and make sure to read thoroughly. C H A L L E N G E O B J E C T I V E Hit as many of following payouts that are listed as you can on any risk level in either Multiplayer or Single Player Keno: 11.00x 17.00x or 17.1x 50.00x 80.00x or 81.5x 350x 400x 710x 800x 900x 1000x Each payout that is hit will earn you (1) point. A total of of (10) point can be obtained (1 for each payout). 17x/17.1 have been adjusted so that either value can be hit. You will only be awarded one point for the 17.00/17.1x category even if both are hit. 80x/81.5x have been adjusted so either value can be hit. You will only be awarded one point for the 80x/81.5x category even if both are hit. Must be a WINNING bet, meaning you cashed out successfully. The Minimum bet amount to qualify is 100 sats (0.00000100 BTC) or equivalent. Bets submitted with less than 100 sats will not count towards a prize. Bets must have been made AFTER the start of the challenge. The player with the highest number of points shall get top podium spot. In case of a tie, the player who has the highest total amount wagered across all bets will be the winner. If still tied, whoever posted first will be deemed the winner. One (1) entry submission per household - anyone caught trying to use multi accounts for the promo will be banned from this challenge along with all future ones. Play fair. Challenge ends on 11/08/2020 - this thread will automatically lock once challenge is over. Check to see when the thread locks for the exact time of when it ends compared to your local time. How To Submit your Entry Take a screenshot displaying the round detail like so and send a reply to this thread with it: Must be able to see betting ID so that your bet can be verified. Please do not make multiple posts, just edit your original one if you need to add a new payout or replace a payout with a better qualifying amount. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION For this particular flash challenge, we’ll be offering spots for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes are as displayed below. 1ST ....... $200 2ND ...... $100 3RD ....... $50 ...But wait, that's not all! Valid participants who hit at least 4 out of the 10 payouts will receive a portion of a $350! BONUS: Hitting all 10 numbers guarantees you 0.25 ETH in addition to any podium position prizes you may qualify for -- Prizes will be paid directly to the winning accounts upon verification within 24 hours of challenge ending. Only valid entries that meet the challenge requirements will qualify for the prize pool, - bets must have been made after this challenge was created and must be placed with a minimum bet amount of 100 Sats or equivalent. We reserve the right to deem a player ineligible for this challenge if they are banned from the site or were found to be attempting to manipulate it in any way.
  5. https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246377/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246378/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246379/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246380/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246381/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246382/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246383/salty https://bc.game/dice/detail/ClassicDice/1675037246384/salty
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