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  1. An idea which came into my mind was that it would be nice to add some new feature in the form of a contest within a slot. Imagine a slot where for example 10 players have to buy in to take part of that round. The game consist to battle eachother by the same amount of spins. The player with the highest score wins and takes the complete buyin of all players (minus housedge ofcourse ;)). During the game the leaderboard with rankings with scores during each spin has to be shown. After this the amount of spins have been played the round ends and the winner is known. I don't know the average amount of players on slots, but perhaps you could implement also a second round with all winners competing again with eachother (with for example 50% of their amount won in round 2) and same concept, final winner takes all. Maybe a winner of the day prize etc.etc. To add some strategy into the game perhaps players start with the same amount of chips. And can choose the amount they want to play each spin before it begins with and the risk level, etc. This way it would become a game based on luck compared with some skills. I have some other concepts in mind, which I will publish later on.
  2. OK thanks. I was not clear to me from that previous thread announcement if it was already issued and I did not receive a reward for my posts or that it had to be issued still. Didn't wanted to wait for something that wouldn't happen.
  3. Great, I'll will think it over again if I can get some new inspiration. Are the rewards of previous round already issued?
  4. As an addition on my previous post I add some visual explanation. So the idea is an enhanced video poker with an addittional ladder. You first play the 1st round which is normal videopoker (dealt 5 cards, hold some if you want, and second card get dealt). If you hit jacks or higher (or a better combination) you will enter the 2nd round which is the ladder. If you hit a flush for example you enter the ladder at the Flush (5x mp). Now you can choose to gamble or take your win. If you gamble you can go 1 higher (so 7x) or lose you go down 2 times (3x). Next you can take the win again or gamble again, etcetc, till you hit the jackpot or 0x the game will be over for sure. An x% of each round will be added to the progressive JP and everytime the jackpot gets hit it will restart to the minimum of 250x. Hope I made my explanation clear. And the name could be for example Jackpot Videopoker or something.
  5. I used to enjoy a game called Jack Poker. Its a simple game, perhaps something similiar could be created. The game consist of 2 parts. 1 part is the known video poker. And if you win you will enter the ladder of prizes (for example a pair of jack or higher is the lowest prize en you will enter the ladder at the lowest rank). After entering the ladder after a prize on videopoker, you can climb up all the way to the top (or down to zero and the game restarts) by gambling (2 segments down, or 1 up) or cashout your prize. For example if you hit a pair you enter the ladder with 2x your bet. If you gamble you can win 4x. If you go further you can win 8x. If you lose when your no 8x, you go down to 2x again. Ladder could be for example with mp: Royal Flush 512x (or jackpot) Straight flush 256x 4 of a kind 128x Fullhouse 64x Flush 32x Straight 16x 3 of a kind 8x 2 pair 4x 1 pair (Jacks of better) 2x 0 0x A nice feature would be if there is a progressive jackpot on top which restarts every time after a hit (back to 512x mp). I would really like it if a game like this would be added and it will be some kind of videopoker/cave of plunder combination.
  6. guess it easier for them to check the id if you do. so they can just copy/paste it instead of typing it from an image themself.
  7. Hairstyle+eyes+personality of coco = Total points: 535,16 The Dog House 98,9x BetID: 1698182615105856640 Loco The Monkey 155,96x BetID: 1698184079606242567 Wild Pops 280,3x BetID: 1698184534749960320
  8. was in time, but same bundle... thanks anyway
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