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  1. user: Cryptillionare if i recieve one and make it rich i wont forget you
  2. and you just told us all on another site you had a game to come check oiut me and cornstartch should ea get .1 bcd ea
  3. how do we play it ? when it isnt roll point time
  4. i reacted to all of them for 2 days messaged you followed why havent i qualified?
  5. hey im pretty sure i like everyone of your post from the last 2 days followed messaged . shit on me just something super shitty lol

  6. Not once have i ever got a warning for begging. I did beg anyone the whole time i been on bc game now. I have asked a couple individuals directly that ihad given me permission to do as i did them. Ask what i did so can dont do it again and get b2b replies ..youcan wait 6months to dispute it. customersupport really has been rude to me time and time again besides bcgamejoe and sam. Had no help with wich i showed very good proof a game messing and losing like 50 doge. but being permed begging when i dont think i even typed words the last 4weeks i just hopped in everyonce in awhiile and said a couple numbers so i had a chance at rain. idk how do you delete an account. request removal or can i do anyone that sees and knows the answers. thanks. im jp nice to meet yall
  7. hey danny fuck i gotta catch one of these babys
  8. man i really i hope i catch one of tehse been a while and idef could use a shot rightabout not. Shit on me dannylolol
  9. gotcha sorrys i had a buddy named topher on disc i been looking to reconnect with hah miss that fucker and i just never have seen that word anywhere else was worth a shot
  10. yo are you topher on discord by chance?
  11. you have to be fast af bro like im talking like you have under a minute tops and if you even close to 60 seconds just try again lol. i have got like 4 now myself there is no bs. just think about it like this. were at the casino and they say first come first serve for freeplay when we say now randomly over the intercom. thats how fast you gotta b elol
  12. 1-20 lines minimum maximum bet set by bc game staff. 3 coco scattered x6 initial hit followed by 15 FS. 4 Coco heads x50 + 15FS, 5 Coco heads x500 +15 FS. Retriggers possible during bonus. 3 scatter coco sis= 3=x3, 4=x5, 5=x15. Cocunuta wild with sticky real bonus. 5 cocofathers on paylines 1,2 or 3 for progressive jackpot. if you get full column in column 3. and all other symbols could be the favorite cryptos of the community and staff
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