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  1. I dig your considerations. Thanks in advance 

  2. Please bless me with a code. Been on bc for about a year and never had one.

  3. hola amigo el codigo?

  4. Cant seem to send you a message, followed you and awaiting shitcode please

    1. Czeski777
    2. windblade


      This guy was probably banned from the forum for scamming people for likes.  He always posted old shit codes.

  5. i need ship code

  6. Please send me shitcode


  7. Gift money

  8. Need shitcodeee

  9. Any chance I can get the code now please sir


  10. I liked and followed, will a shitcode really come we shall see 

  11. Shitcode please 

  12. Shitlink please?

  13. hi need a shitcode plzz.

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