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  1. Does the equation you're using look like this? ---> [wagered amount x 0.01 x 0.2] for 1% house games [wagered amount x 0.06 x 0.2] for 6% slots games That 0.2 at the end there kind of eradicates the differences between the 1% house games and the 6% slots. And the highest house edge out of the slots that I've found is 20%, so even then. $500.00 x 0.2 x 0.2 = only $20 unlocked. I agree that the bonus system is more of a bogus system. But so far their stated formula has held 100% true.
  2. observe


    Your cocodile mascot will be a big hit, of that I'm totally sure. I know this from observing the chat. Everyone knows bc.game's endearing crocodile, just as everyone knows the raccoon, the panda, the gulf, the shark, the duck, the goose.... It has become a necessity, it seems, in casino industry. But here's what you have that other casinos don't have: A little owl... A gorilla... A giraffe... A small cowboy child who is clearly too young to be handling swords, or hanging out in casinos... Three concubines and their pimp... And now a monochrome clown .. You have a whole armada of vibrant NPCs just waiting for the breath of life. All you really have to do is give them names, and that's it. Boom, mascots are born. More characters with personas surrounding the games---> more spread out the bitch fest will be in the chat. And the more endearing and unforgettable this casino will be. As if it wasn't already. Thank you in advance for not making this post hidden.
  3. banano Is on gamble roster? far-out!
  4. “It is a historical fact that, never once, has a player asked for or demanded a [shitcode] and then received one.“---Nathan Alexander. Never once. This is quoted from 'The Beginner's Guide to BC.Game', an article written by Nathan Alexander in the bc.game blog.
  5. Also received mine, thank you bc game, this is awesome!
  6. ok, you must not be seeing the other handful of pages of content. It don't matter though, we get paid tomorrow. 95% sure, on 75% reliable source. Gives you an overall hearsay believability score of roughly 60%, and that ain't bad. I would roll with it. If we don't get paid tomorrow, I'm gonna cross the stupid line in the sand and be disgruntled along side everyone else. But in the future, i will have to discipline myself, as i should never expect punctuality, proper consumer PR etiquette, or even outright common sense business practices from bc.game. It's bcgame, dude, cmon, this casino is the shit. Couple other casinos that look like it, but none that are like it. These guys pride themselves on how hard they can jerk you around before you yell and scream and stomp your way out the door only to stomp back in and go for one more crash moon with the dust in your wallet.
  7. All bear/bull shit/codes aside, I'm over here wondering when you guys are gonna stop hiding all of my posts.... My last one was a killer joke, i know it was, I laughed at it for hours. But no one else will be able to laugh at it because it's still hidden, and buried in the throngs of shitcode begs. What's up with that?
  8. you look again at all the pages after the thread was closed? Lots of last minute submissions.. With unlabeled screenshots. lmaoz
  9. How to unlock bc? 

  10. I know they said they wouldn't count entries that don't follow the rules. But then again, if they actually do that, there will only be a handful of participants remaining. And there are no other casinos with scavenger hunts. Also, comparing bc.game to stake.com is like comparing 711 to Walmart. To me, there is no comparison. Bcgame staff is infinitesimally smaller than stake's. Apples/oranges.....
  11. Try to consider how long it would take for you to look over all of the disorganized, unlabeled, largely mis-presented entries, tallying up as many correct submissions as possible, and then having to delineate some incorrect submissions as if they were correct (because 80% of all of the submissions were submitted incorrectly without labeling) then you have to calculate each person's prize; this is more complex than you would think because everyone knows what their prize is supposed to be based on their own assessment of their entries, but i guarantee you the people who didn't label their screenshots aren't expecting to have won nothing. So in spite of all efforts to prevent having to go back and forth to reference the page that said 'please label your screenshots, you have to figure out which item each screenshot actually represents, if any at all. Once you've properly calculated the number of points each player has, then, in order to prevent rage-quits and panty-bunches, you have to come up with a concise breakdown of each player's score, that you can then serve up via individual forum private messages with the individual shit links that you prepared individually for each individual. Is this making any sense?
  12. When that box pops up and says, “Are you sure you wish to max-bet?“ ---> If you are cool with possibly loosing your remaining balance, click 'ok'/'confirm' If you're not cool with that, do not click 'ok'/'confirm'. Click cancel. If your odds are set at 27% you have between 3/4 and 2/3 odds of losing your balance, so neither would it surprise me, nor would I feel cheated if it happened several times in a row.
  13. я вооще не понимаю как здесь деньги делать , выполняя их задания ниче не получается.

    можешь подсказать.


    1. observe


      да ли сте покушали казино?😄

  14. It is apparently a very clever scam. It's so obvious to me, though.... What escapes me is: why is it not so obvious to you?
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