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  1. Nice spider monkey, haven’t seen your almost grumpy stare in a while my little friend? Sweetcode? What! Im just here to say hi to my odd little buddy. Yes I naturally have a big nose no I'm not that kid made from wood… yeah Im really not trying to say this crap it just spews out of me like a goofy exorcist or something.
  2. Yes I’ll scratch your back for a scratch back thx.
  3. Trying to stay on target… my Random act of honesty is what I can report and not yet one of the shining examples of a human in that capacity, for my bounty not quite what I think it could be, and maybe thats why im here to report my feeble attempt at this great deed or deeds, and yes the generosity is still coming thanks for that, if it stopped there I’d still be impressed with these gestures for they dont happen in any other casino that I’ve been in, you make me want to be a better human.
  4. Im here to confirm that the tron was building up to about 85 coin and it is now not a site I can reach. the ltcmining had never worked for me im merely telling my experience and have no intention of giving a negative review for the sake of being a jerk all due respect to Beesh901. Thx for the consideration. Better luck next time.
  5. I dig your considerations. Thanks in advance 

  6. Some people- got to have it-hey hey hey, some do some do bad things with it All mighty dollar hey hey hey.
  7. cheers to you generous best examples of the human species. Sincerely Jackinstein I dont want to forget Co co the spider monkey.
  8. No shit? Im not interested in panhandling without trading for something that deflects the “panhandling” for panhandling is not my style but the fact that it is called shitcode is too appealing to not experience, conveying this, I to aspire to fling some shit when the opportunity arises. My most truthful statement possible would be that I lie but, in saying so, I hope to be as transparent as one could be illuminating any kind of shadow I may unconsciously flee to. My grain of salt nothing more nothing less. Thx for your patience in my attempt at assuming people want to read this much from another. I understand if you dont get this far yet I write it anyways.
  9. So much shit talk, very little sweet talk. on the outside looking in on your conversations, is all this in code? Im no code breaker but Id love to see this sweetshit you speak of, thanks for any mere considerations, my full report of such directly if and when you fling sweetshit my way. I am liking talking shit… codes
  10. Testing testing im that old guy that is from the 80’s, and is never trying to fit in cause thats not punk rock but it looks like I am so I fit in no where cool, no where fun, not  hip or trendy. Rerun shows and the cocaine nose job. Just say no to slogans and just do it.

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