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  1. First post already to the profanity???
  2. @BeaniesAhma Sorry to hear that good luck to you as well.
  3. @SuckMyDick I live in Veracruz, Mexico we got lizards for days
  4. @SuckMyDick damn it was gonna sell you nudes of my wife. Guess its time to come up with Plan B
  5. @SuckMyDick I appreciate it, running a safe multichasing script on crash should be ok just curious to see what returns will look like
  6. @Jessicaalexis yeah I got one of the codes (my first code) it was for ~48 cents at least Ican bet small demoninations I guess try to build it up
  7. @Jessicaalexis fair enough, sorry didn't notice. You make a great point i just mean DK how much thye give out in total
  8. @Jessicaalexis they give back in otherways as wel ei whell, rolls and other bonuses
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