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  1. Well I was the winner of the first contest and I got yesterday. Wowowow
  2. 19067919627453932 Egyptian adventures 946.30x@ 3.355 XRP 1709051394284470535 Golden Sphinx 224.9X@ .00062344 btc my handle is welcome Mellie. In game
  3. GL to all!! Love them slots!! Just waiting for some funds to hit. TBH if the slot doesn’t hit in three or four spins GL on it hitting big at all. The last two outta four slots I’ve played hit the max prize for the bet I was betting on the first spin. I’m Welcome Mellie in game.
  4. You only got one?? That’s all you should even try to get my friend. If you even bother trying to activate two codes you should be cut off from getting even one. Think about the next dude you know what I mean. They should do the shitcode s differently but They do it the way it he do for what reason I have no clue. The should make it so like first ten people or twenty people that check in when he says to check in. That way people are only getting one code. You should be thankfully you got your one bro. Don’t be greedy.
  5. It’s first come first serve, obviously peeps sit here and wait for them. Now the only thing that would not be cool is if people are getting more than one code at a time. You know being a greedy fuck and not thinking bout the next person. They should make it so you can only use a shit code every 30 minutes or something. Anyways you know what I hate more than these shit codes is people begging in chat room they act like you owe them or something because they see you winning.
  6. I know right I’ve spent over a million dollars on this website casino and can’t even get a shitcode. No perks for over a million dollars.
  7. Ohh wow 3%, my god shit try being level I’m 49 ya know 1 million dollars WoW MoM!! Doing fucking. Cartwheels and shit. Don’t you think that’s a lot to be like wagering. That only tells me that I’m a dumb ass, cause I’ve spent over a million dollars went right through my hand s, and nothing to show for it except my stats. I here sit listening to yall beg a for a code not gonna lie Ive asked for me too. But don’t tou think that after you’ve spent a million you could get shit code everyday. I mean I’m not that far off from getting paid for trips to parties and gambling venues. Hell I might as well have my own god damn. Casino. So quit begging and start putting up on the table.
  8. If I only knew when the rainbow fairy money hungry flying cat was going to make his presence know. I would be rich
  9. So my strategy for playing crash will be utilizing both tren and crash. say you bet 10 doge on crash and are not sure if it’s going to bang before 2 or not you can bet on trenball 20 doge on red. So now if it’s bangs before 2 you’ve covered your crash bet and also profited 5 doge. Say it doesn’t bang before two then you have your crash bet still running, now you’ll have to let it go to x3 or you will not have covered you bets and actually lose. Sometimes taking a little loss is better than losing the whole wad. So it might be beneficial to cash out at 2. You get to decide if you want to chance it or not. I usually go along with what the trend is doing at the moment in order to decide if I want to go on past two. You’ll start to understand the trend better by do this little technique plus save your a$$. Then you can grow up and start betting moon and green while running the crash as well. This has helped me immensely. I see when I’m playing crash that I almost always am the last person to cash out on crash and when I do cash out it’s a lot of the times right before it bangs. So good luck to you all.
  10. Wish I had a code so I can a take shit y’all. @Danny777 hey Danny can a VIP get shit code please sure could use one right about now. And your the God of shitcode a at the moment, please bless me/us with a shit alright. We can clean the mess up. Don’t trip on that. Just make it real shitty in here please. Oh ya my handle in game is Welcome Mellie!! Kinda like smellie!!
  11. First time here before the Shit hit the fan YaAAa I’m hoping I’m fast enough Lol Lolol
  12. Could a vip get a shitcode hi I’m shitty but I’m coded up plz. What did one say to the other ? Nothing they just floated there, stinking!! I know right?
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