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  1. Hello ya alllll i never had a shitcode not even launch the update! unless it’s in my inbox I probably never will javec1
  2. Yes even after deposit wagged is from3 til 4 long time to long and i wagger like hell I get no profit what so ever if you see numbers pfffff i did a deposit now wagger for the bonus I don’t now time frame yet lm not sure gonna make it and suddenly trtl is down here !!?!?? andcwgst about the for example medals price etc ?!?! thus is a nice site etc but theire could be more for the common people like we al are? even whitdraw goes up like they scared loose people they gave wagger income so much enough lijst give and take is what spins a world - Era
  3. Bc game: cryptos game in $- lane bc game: more/ beats a faucets rain (for last price) bc game : not Plaine worthy Gaine
  4. Hello i love the tasks the showing care and love to one another ! The era of love thy neighbourhood is shared here ! I love the fact bcd is a mytiplr coin and that you give people of less fortune background a entry here ! slso you are available on chat and overal I like the house games that’s my way and it’s been done good! thank you keep it up -Roosa
  5. I like the music I miss the turtle coin I like to play with! I do think lvl 3 to 4 takes reallly long and overal upgrade is good and especially u asking for bugs best response u get is from the people ! 3 always a winner ! ~Rosa
  6. I THINK THERE SHOULD I KNOW A MEDAL FOR Me snd do she won her biggest bitch medal!$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. Medal for the most crafty to gain here gainer Rainer medal jooo
  8. Stop scam



    no Actions my reactions  is I stop here not the first!


    Or share u have my adress -,u choose - 1 2 3 ..... !

    i will change the content!


    MainB in the house 

  9. Well help me then you know !!! we should help i fight scam beat scam with better scam ) what do u say about this see picture first 2 in list same result is this fair??!? Help?
  10. Medal for you beeing so original and spot on with your suggestions ideas you cool !
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