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  1. why dont you paste the script instead of trying to get people to download your virus
  2. it would be really nice if I could figure out who said what to me in chat. like an addition to the little blue notification later on will have a side note after the chat passes out of bounds. so many times i missed some body telling me to f*** off or who knows it will remain a mystery
  4. jb has no value you could not buy 1 or an infinite amount
  5. What do you say when you find cows eating your pot?

    The steaks have never been Higher.

  6. Im going to write a digital book with all my screen shots what to do and what not to do. Including how to manipulate plinko balls, Hashdice, the way to keep from being skull fucked in slots all crash scripts and hash scripts and a few other things and post it for sale. anyone interested in this info hit me up.
  7. I hearby designate this as the Truckstop Bathroom Wall thats being generous with the status of this shit house since its really more like a stinky port-a-potty but anyways now that we have a Truckstop Bathroom Wall somebody should post some fucking sweet codes here
  8. if you are going to have a 1btc spot on the wheel you should have proof by now its actually possible and if you let me win it ill join red
  9. I dont think it should notify in global every time someone gets a tip the beggars are annoying should be nobody's business and kept private
  10. Heisenberg

    Add Bet

    Not sure whats wrong there i just tried it and mine still works havent tried eos before but i suggest putting a lower number in ths stop if bet box or it will take all your coin
  11. Heisenberg

    Add Bet

    i used it with hashdice but dice are not fair in my opinion its only good for large bets manual not auto, but the script above should work with hashdice
  12. Cool Slot Ok my first thoughts was this is bull shit, but I guess i needed to give it a chance not too bad i started playing with about 60xrp then after a few rains and drops ended up with about 160 when it quit giving so I guess ill finally give bc a complement, but im still pissed about hashdice lol.
  13. Ok mines not technically a dream either but happened as i was auto betting on crash for i think it was the first time. If i remember right i had just deposited like $10 worth of btc I guess i was using martingale script and before passing out my balance was steady climbing or i guess that part might have actually been a dream lol needless to say when i woke up it was all gone'
  14. Heisenberg

    Add Bet

    This script will get you a few more bangs out of your buck basically martingale,but instead of multiplying its self and getting too big real fast this will just increase the bet after loosing by adding to bet in the add bet box put in the number to add I usually put the base bet var config = { baseBet: { label: 'base bet', value: currency.minAmount * 1.2, type: 'number' }, payout: { label: 'payout', value: 2, type: 'number' }, stop: { label: 'stop if bet >', value: 1e8, type: 'number' }, onLoseTitle: { label: 'On Lose', type: 'title' }, onLoss: { label: '', value: 'increase', type: 'radio', options: [ { value: 'reset', label: 'Return to base bet' }, { value: 'increase', label: 'Increase bet by (loss Add)' } ] }, lossAdd: { label: 'loss add', value: 2, type: 'number' }, onWinTitle: { label: 'On Win', type: 'title' }, onWin: { label: '', value: 'reset', type: 'radio', options: [ { value: 'reset', label: 'Return to base bet' }, { value: 'increase', label: 'Increase bet by (win Add)' } ] }, winAdd: { label: 'win Add', value: 2, type: 'number' }, } function main () { var currentBet = config.baseBet.value; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function () { engine.bet(currentBet, config.payout.value); }) engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function () { var history = engine.getHistory() var lastGame = history[0] // If we wagered, it means we played if (!lastGame.wager) { return; } // we won.. if (lastGame.cashedAt) { if (config.onWin.value === 'reset') { currentBet = config.baseBet.value; } else { currentBet += config.winAdd.value; } log.success('We won, so next bet will be ' + currentBet + ' ' + currency.currencyName); } else { if (config.onLoss.value === 'reset') { currentBet = config.baseBet.value; } else { currentBet += config.lossAdd.value; } log.error('We lost, so next bet will be ' + currentBet + ' ' + currency.currencyName); } if (currentBet > config.stop.value) { log.error('Was about to bet' + currentBet + 'which triggers the stop'); engine.stop(); } }) }
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