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  1. I'm sorry to say to you it took even less as someone posted less than 10 min after the posting of those and it was already gone... And me 30 min
  2. Already deactivated... All ! Wtf have to staring to the page to catch itwpuld it be possible to tell how much claim available for each code. ? And if a time limit is set ? I mean it seems to be really fast over. Too much freebies farmer on bc.game... I'd like to see depositor players favored over those all-day everyday no balancer ( no offense guys but if you don't have money to gamble maybe a casino is not the best place for you
  3. Hi all, and hi bc.game support and admins First i wanted to say i very much liked scavengers hunt and I'd like to see such feature on a more regular basis, such as a well known challenger of yours do. But it was very cool. And new bc.game is very cool too, i spend more and more time here. Now let's come to the subject i wanted to discuss : WWhen should scavenger hunt be paid ? How will it be paid ? Directly tipped to our accounts or via shit link code ? I Hope it will be the soonest possible obviously thx again, looking forward for more fun
  4. Cyber-Scarab Megaways : "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away , young adventurer called Han, find a mysterious , dangerous secret tekno-pyramid, full of secret rooms and incredible treasures !
  5. Tek-Pharaoh Megaways Story : youre a young adventurer trying to gather fortune while exploring the high tech flying pyramids of the third millenium pharaoh
  6. I think you misunderstood the rules you have to win with 6 >6>6 at least to qualify. .. sorry
  7. Hi there, @digitaldash you're pretty hard to catch online so I post here. Been almost a week the crash challenge has ended but yet the prize pool hasn't been shared among participants Could you tell us when it will be done ? Thx in advance
  8. Ok here I am, first thing is sorry I didn't read all the past topics to see if someone already suggested it ... One thing would be amazing is add the "instant bet" feature which allow to speed up the game and avoid us to watch the wheel turning or those damn balls falliinng slooooooowly anyway instant bet is a must have to me Thx for reading
  9. Obviously it was a 1th April joke tpc toiletpapercoin was first market cap on coinmarketcap I loved it btw ppl been crazy with lock down and the whole world seems to think one can't live without toilet paper .. lol
  10. Thx CoCo and BC.Game ! I've been invited and refered just before the end of round 1.got the time to invite friends and one of them was round 1 too. Others round 2 but still I received a bunch of bonus... Very much appreciated !! Then I discovered your cool games 1nd even walk away with nice usdt withdraw ! Definitely liking how you guys welcomed me I'll keep referring my vip friends even if round rewards are slightly lower ! Thx for this cool offer
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