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  1. PSA


    Here are sweetcodes 111313dSOD$ 111213dsfaD$ 12811daqeD2$
  2. Wanna read a sad story?? Congratulation you reading it. I never won from BC game.
  3. PSA

    Sweet code

    Hello ,begging you pr please give me sweetcode
  4. No,, I really afraid of Your TP .Because they may bring the virus COVID-19 haha
  5. How How to protect yourself and others From The virus wash hands How to protect yourself and others wash hanBhds frequently with soap & water avoid unprotected contact with wild animals. wash your hands thoroughly after contact with an animal cover coughs, sneezes with tissues or clothing, maintain distance, wash hands with soap & water if you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, seek advice & share travel history with health professionals avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections smoking harms lung health -- if you smoke, quit smoking harms lung health -- if you smoke, quit
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