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  1. Well... Nothing has changed since I was away.
  2. Waiting for same old shit, just a different day.
  3. Let's do this guys. Let's vote for the Timer. It's gonna make a huge difference.
  4. You know, I once asked a question in the English chat room about how @BCGame_Joe get the ShitCode and @Khamo replied me saying, “they're a myth to lure you here and then @BCGame_Joe barters your soul with the devil for beanie babies for his collection” and then @BCGame_Joe replied @Khamo saying, “I prefer Care bears.”
  5. Another day, another delayed expectation.
  6. You know, someone once said, “Perfect defines nothing in this universe and the next.” Hmmm.
  7. You know, @Danny777, if you should post the ShitCode two days later, I think it's gonna make so much sense.
  8. LOL. That was actually 6 hours ago. @Danny777, it's Shit Tuesday.
  9. Wake up @Danny777! It's Shitty time.
  10. Guys, let's vote for the countdown timer, it's definitely gonna be a game changer.
  11. You know, @Danny777, I'd suggest that the ShitCorner be upgraded. There should be a countdown to the ShitCode. There are so many players in here. Some of us are always so unlucky. I think a countdown to the next batch of ShitCode will pose to be beneficial for players who tend to have busy schedule.
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