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  1. Requests Are Coming In On BC.GAME In Large Numbers Reply To This Post With Your BC.GAME Username For Identification React To This Post Good Luck
  2. Okay @Danny777 I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my recent activities on this topic. I wouldn't promote personal giveaway or events ever again on this thread.
  3. Add On BC.GAME To Receive Your Reward https://bc.game/user/profile/2158077 React To This Post Good Luck
  4. This is not the place to get ShitCode. ShitCode is posted on the ShitCorner by @Danny777 and @BCGame_Joe React To This Post Good Luck
  5. @observe Don't sweat it bro. I gotchu. This ain't those tips I got inspired by you from the chat room. (Begging for money to gamble) actually this one's legit. I tipped a couple players. My Chat permission is turned off ever since I replied Komo on the chat. (He surely did set me up for sure). Well, I use /tip @.... Some turn up and others don't.
  6. @observe And @windblade You guys better chill the fuck out! I give real Tips and if you didn't get any from me it means you a piece of shit (Both of you) @observe Here's yet another Tip for you - If your spine is very much functional, bend over and give yourself a bj so you can STFU
  7. Not only @Danny777 post the Codes. You can also get a code from @BCGame_Joe but... you gotta be able win his tasks.
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