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  1. Why do I say so? Please answer the questions below: Will you cash out at 1.01x, or will you stay until 10x, 100x, 1000x, 10000x…? Did your heart beat fast when the money was almost empty ? It all depends on your choice - must be done in a split second, otherwise - "Bang"- and you will lose your money. Do you agree with me?
  2. To be able to master the Keno game effectively and conquer it, you need to keep a sense of freedom and fun when playing the game, winning without losing or getting discouraged. Even if you lose in a row and lose a lot of bets, don't get angry and lose your sense of convenience, it will only make you crazy to want to take back your bet and receive a worse loss. And you can end up being a slave to this mind game.
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