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  1. Dude do you see same topic as us ? I checked the last minutes submission s as you said there was only one submission on last day. And maybe 2 or 3 posts asking questions. Did you smoke something ? Or are you so.e staff in disguise to defend mods with invalid claims.
  2. What a smart topic. Is there someone not ready ? Why would he be not ready ? Why posting such stupid topic ?
  3. They are stupid idiots thinks seo still works so they spread the links in hope to get bacllinks . Get a life idiots.
  4. Do you think bc.game is the only casino that run such promotions and hunts ? There bigger casinos like stake and many others and they had more entries and still they pay within 24h. Beside what you said makes no sense as one rule says they will simply avoid the entries that not follow the rules or when the user put his entries in many comments.
  5. Lol till a month ? Why they didn't tell us before I started hunting.? In other places promotions paid within a day or 48h maximum a month ? This must be a joke. Also I talked to support they told me to ask forum moderators but they doesn't answer at all.
  6. Scavenger hunt ended 2 days ago but I havent get any prize. Did anyone get the prizes?
  7. Yesterday the scavenger hunt finished When we will get the bonus for people who participated ?
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