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  3. Having been a fantastic liar before I became ‘Mr. Truth Guy’, and having a compulsive liar for a father, I may know a thing or two about this subject. I believe some things that helped me lie so well were qualities that also made it easy for me to become a salesman. I have sold at flea markets hundreds of times. I still have an item (or 5) on Craigslist usually to supplement my income. The quality that comes first to mind is a good imagination. I’ve been used by some close friends for lies. I’d get a call, or they’d just come by and tell me they needed an excuse or a story to explain why they’re late. It would have to be believable, probable, have some positive reinforcement behind it (I.E.-This guy at Home Depot asked me to haul a lawn mower to his house across town for $40). Usually, these lies are only needed to account for lost time. I have plenty of experience this way, as every free hour I had was usually spent going to the casino if I happened to have $20 in my wallet. I think it’s been 8 or 9 years now since I needed to lie about that. The story also has to include some details for the benefit of questions that may come from the one whom the lie is being told to. These details are always best worked out in advance. There should be pictures in your mind about these details, so they can play out once in your mind for any holes. A good liar will always know not to look away while saying his lie. If he is already looking away, the head must slowly turn toward and eye contact made. This can’t look like it’s being done as a technique. People know that liars know to make eye contact. If it’s too scripted, it’s worse than looking away. It must be natural, without hesitation, calm gaze (don’t go looking for eye contact-just approach it as if you’re telling what time it is), and don’t offer any of those details unless they’re asked about. These details could be a funny story that happened when this fictional event took place. You should smile about it before saying it. As if it’s a memory. It is a memory because it was thought up in advance. Side note: This is awful. I’m a little bit ashamed at how much I have to pass on about this. I’m typing very fast and can only imagine how ugly it all is. These tips, pointers, that can help to deceive. It’s not a very admirable skill. It’s partly why I’ve gone 180 with it. A good liar should know not to use the same excuse (lie) twice-ever. Not just to the same person, but ever. If the person hears a similar story from someone else that you used for a different reason you’re cooked. These are lessons I learned even before high school. These are things you want to learn by other people’s mistakes, not your own. Once a trust is betrayed, it’s never going to be the same. The person you can trust the most is the person you know has never lied to you before. As far as you know, at least. I could go on and on with this, but it feels wrong. Let me just add this: Despite my dad being such a great liar, he did manage to impart some good morals and beliefs in me. He told me that murderers are the worst people, but they eventually get locked up, or executed. The worst types of people in the world are thieves. The only thing worse than a thief is a thief who is a liar about being a thief. He has a code he passed on to me. If I ever take something that’s not mine, I’d better not lie about it if I’m asked if I took it. So, in his code book (and mine) a liar is really the worst kind of person. A thief might just be like a Robin Hood type. Or I’ve known some thieves who say, “I only steal from companies, not people. They have insurance for that.” That’s a bunch of bull shit. Still, there are some who live this way. One guy I knew used to shoplift for a living. He thought he wasn’t hurting anybody. It’s still just wrong and I’’m glad when they finally get caught. Liars, though, do nothing but hurt others because they’re filling your head with things that aren’t real. There’s enough of that already from churches, governments, news media, etc. One to one dealings can be a good experience. A great salesman (like me) feels compelled to point out a scratch here or a missing something there. I tell the people I didn’t buy it. I tell them if it doesn’t work. That’s why it’s only $5.00. In my other field of work, I give guarantees that if it leaks water, or falls apart, I’ll come back and fix it at my own expense. My work is my word. Anywhere else, all I have is my word. That’s pretty important. So, try to be straight with people. Lying is never the best option.
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