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  1. Ok I Know does not qualify. just getting warmed up. Too two posts. nice congrats. but I am coming for you.. Taking that first prize fyi. Qaz S.N.EFamily2004™ CryptoCasInoDeals.com comming soon
  2. Why are peop[le posting high lpw and so far 1048 is not the highest I see. Bu Inam confused how these players are getting 500 + x on high low hell I am licky if get 29x .. how much mist you guys lose to hit those payouts.. and for pennies.. no wonder so many people begging they see these posts, think it is easy or every tip they get, they run too high low and lose it. Lol, NOW I get how people lose tips I send so fast and keep asking for help... omg.. you all have to watch my new videos coming out. Or teach, how the freak you are hitting 2k on high low How much do you win? How much spend? How much loose? How often do you hit 1k, 2k, 3k?
  3. You guys are just insane.. Better yet just beasts. Was going to join this competition. God after seeing all those posts, you guys are just smhing this contest. I stopped counting after 250 something congrats guys, you guys are killing it, keep it up, way to go
  4. I agree with the mod and would give them an award, for doing so, if tje following: That person, you in this case felt the need to write in a font that is used for r titles of post for head lines, not for entire content of posts. And in doing so, hoping for the attention of others. Why? because although it is not illigal in the real world, if doing so in a place of business and it disrupted the business and made others umcomdortable, mod is doing what is best for the business, and the enjoy ment of others. Again personal choice, that person, you in this case, had they created a website using ALL CONTENT IN FORMAT MEANT FOR HEADLINES IN RHE REAL WORLD, Who in their right mind would want to visit that site, when can go read a blog om so many orher sites... And if the person , again, ypu in this case had to be explained that 0n more tham one ocassion, and did nor see the reason, rhey pobably never will. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion. And like you, you are 100% entiteled to your opinion. And maybe many other like you may find the fonts U uswd and appealing. BUT, I HIGHLY DOUBT, ALTHOUGH THEY MAY AGREE WITH YOU, THAT MISLEADING THEM WITH THE TITLE→ "GIVEAWAY" THEN CLAIMING YOU WERE BANNED FOR BEGGING Have any worthwhile gift, Making the.have to read your rant and fpr what a vague gift? Could not even tell us what our [rize wouls be. So yes I would give that mod a reward or high rating if one existed, for saving everyone having to see annoying spam of tip me.. .. Say you have a worthwile gift prize, then why beg and get ypirself banned? IF you do not agree with my opinion, oh well you asked, Doubt you will like my Soon to be posted comment on "Random acts of kindness" I will [oat tommorrow. But maybe imstead of getting perm ban and having to beg, go check out cryptocasinodeals.com next week amd learn how to flip tips or dust into bank rolls and other usefull stratedies, tips tricks and free hacks I will share Free of charge, tips gladly accepted bur npt required "Bigginers", "Beg"-iners and "Big"-Ballers alike. Plus 100's if not 1000's of $ in real prize give aways In gIft cards, Challenge prizes, free coin, gx will rge from 5$-to 250$ -500$ Grand prize in Coinbase/PrepaidBTC gc, brands like, apple, google, footlocker, bestbuy, tacobell, and many more... No need to be vague, and say ****** PRIZE and mislead people.. So where is that mod ? And what os my prize? Am I the dirst to comment? Again subscribe now, content will come out this week with prizes drpm here till Newyears. Cryptocasinodeals.com NNever know may be get a gift for being first 1000-10k subscribers. *smirk CryptoQAZ BCGAME SNEFAMILY2004 Site rep Will fix gramatical errors later whem have more time. Rather go play lol. gl all
  5. BETID : 637544343 My Bad first tome enteringa challenge and actually yrying to win haha. Disregard any error or mistake with screen captures
  6. I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE THAT I CRYPTOQAZ OF THE S.N.E. FAMILY, AM OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED BY S.N.E. FAMILY AS A RANKING MEMBER AND HAVE BEEN APPOINTED BC.GAME CDESIGNATED AS SNE FAMILY'S BC GAME CONSIGLIO AND LIASON. What this means for Bc Game players.: We will now be forming a BC game Chapter of S.N.E. FAMILY 2004 and be opening doors (recruiting) till the end of 2021, and possibly to 1st quarter of 2022. We will be looking for active Bc Game players, To be considered for recruitment, read new post I will make and fill out New member form. I look forward to meeting new players and creating this new chapter in our SNE Family, although this will me my first game that I am the S.N.E. Family Chapter leader. I have helped others in other chapters and have over 8 years under my belt in our organization. S.N.E. FAMILY has well over 15 years in the online gaming industry and look forward to this new opportunity and reposibility. Started with my research and suggest this to others that may be interested in joining this chapter https://www.wildapricot.com/blog/starting-a-chapter-of-an-organization#getting-your-chapter-organization-started
  7. Suit code has been deactivated. Is the shitcode really worth it? I wonder how many new players go scuoring through the internet looking for shitcode.only to find out it has been deactivated. I wonder how much time "Danny" who ever he is spends daily, monthly deleting messages/posts replies from people about shit code. I wonder if we could make a bot that just snags the shitcode and claims it daily and allows no real players to grab it. * I know the alien dude already is a bot and graps coin drop regularly and no one in bc has stopped it. So why would anyone stop a shit code bot. I wonder if "Danny" even checks the list of player that snag shit code and compares them to previous lists and notices which ones seem to grab it almost instantly like coin drops. I WONDER - if a bot has been made and then junked after grabing shitcode and totaling the profits only to discover it really is shit this code because not worth running a bot 24/7 the profits are SHIT. I WONDER - I how time is wasted on topics like shit code.
  8. is just me or are the atart and end times not legible? But does this count ?
  9. is just me or are the atart and end times not legible?
  10. Do we want to make a considerable disturbance and shed light on issues that appear being ignored because I can make a ruckus? *smirk. Let's get facts stated : Let's get formulas: calculated: Let's get the reality of what is going on stated: And then have Tos started, which will supersede any of the above and by which from my analysis Support and all the backers of Bc.project which claims to be" probably fair" but hides the git hub project details. I have not dug further into this since I enjoy playing, whether winning or losing(mostly losing) 60 % terrible decisions on my part, 20% what is to be expected when playing online casinos, and the other 20% bc—cheating and sticking to tos clauses. Such as if there is an error in the game or a malfunction, players will not be refunded, and bc game is not liable for any loss due to malfunction. Hence if they ever admitted any error does anyone think they would refund any of it back to players that lost? More likely, they would issue rewards or bonuses that would entice new players to the game and high stakes spending players to stay in the game. I for sure have found a glitch in an in-house bc game. Due to a programming error, and have pointed it out to support. Nothing was done I also have proved and pointed out the coin drop issue and auto bots that snatch up the coins ( which I firmly believe are either in house bc created, friends of administration/support of bc.game or known players to the above mentioned and if not, then lastly bc.game that has licensed or purchased the bc.game project of git hub does not know how to stop that or counter it. or could care less) So unless there is a large enough group that wants to start a ruckus or Support /bc.game starts caring what players think or when mistakes or errors are found, nothing will be done. Either play somewhere else or accept the flaws of this site and do not waste your time and energy fighting a battle that will result in nothing being some about it. As more and more players report bc.game and as more reviews about the site come out, bc game will either fall or rise.. That is ultimately up to bc.game support, staff, and administration.. And what they decide to fix or change.. Enough gaming commissions take notice, I doubt bc.game would pass inspections with flying colors (opinion).. My understanding of probably fair is : server seed = secret. Player seed is not secret. The game has a code to determine an outcome, and once the result is calculated from the hidden seed, it can not be changed. And hence can verify it was not changed using the seeds and hash to verify. (Opinión) what is not probably fair and different from "Real legitimate" casinos is the code used to calculate the outcome using such seeds.. In theory, possible: Such as add a line of code to check if a player ever changes seeds; if not, then can >> Or code to calculate if the player is an all-in bet or what percentage of the player's bankroll is the bet being placed. So then can>> Or how many players are betting and what amounts are the highest and or determine players betting patterns so then can .>>> >>precalculate the outcome and convert the outcome using the existing server seed so it matches the hash when playera wishes to verify after so they can claim they are probably fair ok my small rant is done. Good Day
  11. "This is so dumb and fake"..some new players might say because scouring the internet you can not find any shitcode that actually works or tells you "deactivated" at the very least. After hours of reading forums and joining their social platforms I did find a format of bonus code BCgames calls, "shitcode" $[*#*#*#*#*#]$ ( if I am correct 》15alphanumeric characters followed by-> "]$") the one I did find after posting a post says deactivated..16 hours after posted. all others do not say anything.. In my opinion, what is the point of bonus codes if they only last a few sec /min/hours.. okay this is a negative for bc game. Moving on, they advertise free spin to win 1btc and other alt coins. If you look at image you can see all the different alt coins you can win but what you do not see is something called " Jb". What is Jb and the value? Will cover Jb later. In short, it is in-house play money, and does have some positive benefits. Bcgame starts new players with 100k and the "free spin" pays generally speaking daily 10k jb. What I have been told by other players is that you can win other alt coins but do need to spend/deposit. So for faucet and freebie players, bcgame is waste of time unless you get extremely lucky, play and deposit more than a few hundred dollars. (Was told a 1k USD min deposit for tier 4 vip, which is needed for participating in several bcgame events-unconfirmed) Okay so for depositing players with crypto coins and not new to the crypto world, Bcgame does offer a positive environment for casino entertainment fun. The platform rewards very active players and does give out random bonuses ( from what I see must be spending and active, does not favor free players or non spenders) You will find many MANY scammers and beggers in the chat and throut the game. They offer the ability to tip others and to make it "rain" a feature that is pretty nice to keep volatility in game active. These features stand out from other competitors platforms. Will continue to explore this platform and community and follow up with reviews. Before official TDV review. But again to this point J recommend not bothering with "SHITCODE" it is a waste of time unless have no life and can monitor when mods/admins/creators idk who they are lol decide to post them briefly. Will discuss the funny things have not figured out yet later ..such as who what is coco and where did that name come from, why Popeye is so popular in the bc forum and in bc game, and vip perks. Another topic will be crash game and the cool script features they have and they awesome use of jb for hesitant new players Take care & Goodluck Qaz SNESTUDIOS|SNELIVE||SNEPROMOTIONS|THEDAILYVISIONS|Visionz2020|SneFamily2004|Thedailyvisionz| ‐-------------------------------------------------- !e! - SneFamilyFounder Tdv.games.dudes -qaz-reviews qaz.4.2021.bcgame
  12. _ This is so dumb and fake... atheist this one says deactivated.. all others do not say anything.. what is the point of bonus codes if they only last a few sec /min/hours.. okay this is a negative for bc game review there bonus codes such butt.. qaz Tdv games dudes reviews
  13. This is so dumb and fake... atheist this one says deactivated.. all others do not say anything.. what is the point of bonus codes if they only last a few sec /min/hours.. okay this is a negative for bc game review there bonus codes such butt.. qaz Tdv games dudes reviews
  14. Can not find shit code anywhere.on web where do we find it. Just found this thread been looking for a.week since I joinned
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