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  1. Hey there my fellow gambling degenerates, I would like to push this topic up to a higher level so we can enjoy our so called deposit “bonus”. Currently we all know that this is basically a pay wall. (Bet) x 0.01 x 0.20 = BCD Unlock Amount The only justification that support has behind this current model is to prevent people from abusing the bonus, but with its current rate there is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to bet $1,000 to unlock just $2 of BCD. I agree that the current rate deters abusers, but in my opinion I believe it also deters others from depositing larger amounts since they know that bonus will never be unlocked. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions on how we can fix this system. We need to be able to deter deposit bonus abusers, but still make this bonus able to be obtained…not through a heavy paywall. My suggestion: Increase 20% multiplier to 50% (Bet) x 0.01 x 0.50 = BCD Unlock Amount ($10x.01x.50=$0.05)
  2. https://t.me/FreeShibaOfficialBot?start=user3883955 Use my referral, save up shib, refer others, and withdraw at 120m SHIB in NO TIME!
  3. If you have telegram and want to get some free crypto, click the link and pay it forward! https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05138484780
  4. Hello there to my fellow degenerate gamblers! So for today’s question, is support really just anti support? I’ll paint out my problem that has never happened before (which is why I went to support). I know CoCo comes between 9:40PM and 10:07PM, and while knowing this I was on 15 minutes before so I could catch him. Problem is he never showed, but since I’m curious and would like answers to why this is messing up I turned to support…..then I get the most anti support bs ever. **PS I’m just made that they thought “better luck next time” was an appropriate answer. Like have a contingency plan and be professionals—-YOU’RE SUPPORT for a reason don’t screw us over!******
  5. I know this was a bit ago, I'm not expecting much, but if you do end up tipping I greatly appreciate your generosity!
  6. 1.)”Can you tame CoCo’s games? Bet now on BC.Game” 2.)”BC.Game, Where the bold go, and the bets flow” *****DIDN’T SEE THAT THIS WAS FROM LAST YEAR*****
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