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  1. Thanks buddy. I don't even want them but I took the shit. gl hf
  2. At this time I am unable to tip you, however in the future perhaps I can. I simply do not have the funds. I wish I could, friend, and if I can in the future I certainly will. Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone I'm here to help you all out. It seems many of you are waiting on a shitcode, so I'm going to tell you a much easier method of acquiring funds in your account. It's very simple: DEPOSIT! Do this and good luck!
  4. They're not worth much you'll have to find a serious gamer for someone to pay.
  5. You people are complaining about free money. Danny is just fucking with people, that's all. He's giving money away, too, so I don't even mind it's pretty damn funny in my eyes.
  6. Seems that way to me. I'm thinking you can use the code over and over until it's deactivated but I've never gotten one to work so I'm not sure. It's just a random, fun thing that bc does. Wish they'd let me make codes when I'm up big I love giving money away. (I'm not up now. Don't ask.)
  7. There are no codes thats the joke, darlin
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