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  1. Hey @Danny777 how you doing brother I've never actually been here in time to catch some sweet codes but I'll definitely keep checking thou good luck to you and you have an awesome day
  2. Like a fair challenge? Offering all types of fun! BC.Games! $$ where your always number One. Come hit the $$ JACKPOT $$ At BC.Games! Best odds, Fun, And winning The only site where it’s done!!
  3. Ya I suppose so but when you play mainly just for fun the wins are just an extra bonus besides never been a quitter
  4. Ya the games been doing more taking then giving lately been feeling kinda punked lol so I’m way over do for a good payday fingers crossed
  5. Been making deposits every week in order to have some fun playing my favorite games but sadly getting no good wins hopefully I get cut a break soon the help is much needed hope everybody gets some descent luck this week good luck all
  6. Been losing a lot this past few weeks any help with shitcodes please thank you
  7. So this is where we are suppose to look for shitcodes
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