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  1. Danny are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Danny?
  2. We need Danny777`s private Telly number to remind him more. Also, it would enable him to dictate each Shitcode to us personally and no Grabby-Grabby-Bots could steal them.
  3. i jerked off to hentai lolis...now it burns when i pee.
  4. When Danny gives them up, of course...
  5. We're no strangers to love... You know the rules and so do I... A full commitment 's what I'm thinking of... You wouldn't get this from any other guy... I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling... Gotta make you understand...
  6. Oooooh Dannyboy! The pipes, the pipes are calling! (Pipes beeing allegoric for us , the shit craving community.)
  7. If I'm lucky enough to grab another code later on, I'm pretty sure I could even get a date with Laila's profile pic...
  8. Wow! I got one! *grabbergrabber*
  9. devs be like: "free shit here!" community:"shit on us, please!"
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