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  1. Seriously thinking about starting my own crypto casino. How much you need to start one? Someone DM if you have any legit sources. But I'll source tomorrow for sure. Looking for new investments and in a few weeks I'll definitely have the cash to do so. Watch me watch me Watch me search me I'll take all your clientele from the beggers to the high rollers. Not personal tho. It's kinda cool here I have 0 complaints. I'm definitely not ass hurt over free cents for an online bet. The skies the limit. Live your life people stop wanting without results. Let's get it! Much love beautiful people! Happy betting and good luck!-xoxo Ohhhh annnn @Danny777 throw these lovely folks some more sunshine my guy!
  2. I think I come here for the comments. I honestly believe the codes are just that, shit. But we're the ones here begging like dope fiends. I gotta get back to the money. This shit is a waste of time. Don't waste your life BEAUTIFUL people. -xoxoxoxo much love P.S. Or your $$$
  3. ahhhhh best luck to all of ya!!!! Happy shit hunting!!!
  4. @Danny777 Please can I get a sweet code??!? Pleaseeee?!?!
  5. 5-10 seconds???? Come on!!! SMH this some bull! I thought this would be a little bit easier. I’m not with all this! Im new here and I like it but I guess I can’t get a code then. I mean I do have a life. But anyways soooooo thanks for trying
  6. Man this blows- what ya gotta do to get a code round here????
  7. @Danny777 pleaseeeee pretty pleaseeee can we get a shit code that works???? Pleaseeeeee just one, one that works pleaseeeee
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