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  1. So, I'm an average player, but I have had my suspicions with some of the things that have occured while playing. I think its fair to say that your wins come in small windows among a sea of losses during your run. A seasoned gambler usually catches wind of when that window is typically coming if you're keeping track of your bets (the stats graph is my best friend) That being said, the past couple runs I had where I was hitting and betting big at the right time and betting bigger, I started getting 2 consistent occurences during my "heating up" moments. I would get an error popping up at the bottom left saying "Seed currently in use", and the bet button malfunctioning afterwards, forcing me to refresh my page. The seed would change when this happens. The other was a straight disconnect from the website, as if I pressed the actual logout button. <This occured a lot more often when I would "bump" myself in chat for the rain drop chances. Maybe this is paranoia, maybe theres something going on. I just thought it was weird that every time i felt like i was gaining some momentum, it would be brought to an immediate halt by the site not responding properly, or being logged out randomly. And when I get reconnected I am usually greeted with a barrage of L's, bad beat worthy losses. Like choosing 95% win chances multiple times in hilo, and consecutively losing on those. Or losing in wheel over 25+ times consecutively on 10x payout and then winning my last bet after dwindling down from 10 cent bets to a final 0.0002 bet that finally hits. The moment I double my starting amount is usually when the shenanigans seem to begin.
  2. lol there has to be a shitlink inc after that
  3. I literally would if it was an actual option. No need to egg me on to do something that isn't even an option.
  4. That's ironic, bc I'm spending money frivilously knowing that my wrongful termination case is going to succeed and I'm hoping that my lawyer gets me a hefty sum of money bc my ex employer was a bigot, liar, and racist. I collected all the hard proof throughout my tenure there just as an "in case shit happens" kind of thing
  5. I highly doubt you're the most unlucky player here. I'll say this, Out of all the money I've wagered... I think I've actually seen 400 of it go back into my wallet.
  6. Uhh, is it too much to ask for a sweet code? I can give you gold... in WoW... =]
  7. Hey Danny, Do you like toast too!? Yes, as do I, it is warm and crispy... and the perfect place for jelly to lay.
  8. So, I've definitely put myself in a predicament. I'm in the process of going thru a civil court case with my ex employer, got wrongfully terminated because of some shenanigans. Basically called him out for messing up on payroll and only going after me for overpayment, when I know that nearly everyone else was underpaid. Asked for employee docs and my time records, which caused the firing. Prior to this I took a loan to consolidate my debt, and a credit booster loan to boost my sub 600 credit score. I've had to sell all my stocks and I used the last 1,000 I had to try and "win" the rest of what I had to cover. I now have about 10 bucks to my name, an ebay account that is -2500 from a dispute that went towards the powersellers favor, and about -10,000 from loans/credit card debt. I've almost given up all hope. Doing what I thought was "right" by standing up to my bosses shady practice steered me into a path that spiraled out of control leading to constant rage induced sessions of hilo. So here i am, begging for some help. No shame in my game at this point. Please, I didn't want to resort to this but I have no other option aside from bankruptcy i guess? 15AL7BKR5GmwvmKHtiXLhfLQ2BwupLhJEr is my BTC wallet on here. any kind of help won't go towards gambling at this point I just need something to bring me out of this shitty place I've put myself in. I'm so terrible at walking away in gambling environments =/ Thanks for taking some time to read this, and if you end up helping out; I'll pay it forward in some way. Take care
  9. @Danny777 Hope you're having a good fathers day.
  10. I'm into pc gaming, and I have a hard time walking away when I'm up =[
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