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  1. Anyone looking to make a couple bucks, If I can get $5 I'll give you $10 back on the 11th, or any amount up to $5, Thanks,
  2. You got any to share? I'll double an investment of up to $5 on Friday June 11th. (Meaning I have disposable money come Friday and you loan me $5 now I'll give you 10 Friday)
  3. 31 TEc5ANHVSoQ3EAgCNm4sCHZgr1TNyghJ1n
  4. Just want to make sure I understand this. Tips, rain, coindrops, shitcodes, and sweetcodes are all inside jokes and not real, correct?
  5. So your like a guru about it? The codes dont work, never have.
  6. Brand new member, only signed up a couple days ago. Would love a shitcode to keep going. Site is amazing, thank you!
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