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  1. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  2. Woooow. Yeah now I'm done with this site that is not even the least but fair.
  3. None of them worked for me. Not one.
  4. Oh. My. GAAD. I need a shitcodes @Danny777 like yesterdaaaaay
  5. @Danny777 Shiiiiiiiitcode please
  6. Dammit! ALWAYS AFTER I GO TO WORK Dammit! ALWAYS AFTER I GO TO WORK Can I say... One mo' 'gin please sir? Plz may I 'ave some mo' shitcodes, please, sir?
  7. And like most advertisements, it's full of LIES half the week. At least for me. I ain't seen any in a couple days now *forlorn sigh* Sure would be nice to get some of them code while I'm lurkin'
  8. This here corner is MIGHTY clean for a shit-corner. No codes in DAYS seems like.... Hey! I got a GREAT idea or any other lurking admins! You should toss a MESS of shitcodes THISAWAY! I'll even volunteer to catch them for ya and all that mess! C'moooooon~ you know you wanna~
  9. New player, shit luck. So may I please have a shitcode? It would certainly brighten my day to use something other than wins from my daily spins on a wager
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