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  1. I don't understand why everyone thinks the games have memory, it's actually mind boggling that some of you are very intelligent and still fail to understand that basic principle, it's actually called the "Gamblers fallacy". I'M NOT SAYING IT'S NOT STRANGE BUT WILL ALWAYS BE THE CORRECT RESPONSE FROM THE CASINO. When you place a bet the result is independent of everything else before and after it, period. For example, if you place a bet on a 50/50 outcome, you get 50% chance of doubling your coins and 50% of loosing your coins; when you loose the round, the next round the odds are 50/50 again, it doesn't change to 25/75 like some suggest it should. I'll put a table down here, make it visual. bet #1 50/50, 50% or 1/2 (all the same) WIN next bet 1/2 bet#2 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/4 like the gamblers think) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/8) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/16) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/32) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/64) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/128) bet#3 1/2 LOSS next bet 1/2 (not 1/256) etc. Thinking that the games have memory is not very smart (I don't mean to insult anyone) and the sooner all of you get that fact in your heads the more succesfull gambler you'll be. On a particular notice, I never played black jack, I don't like the game but I know, from the very little experience I have, black jack is very hard to get, getting it multiple times is sketchy, in a row even worse, but that's just my 2 cents. Like I always say, out there there's a Universe in which Crash always comes out 1.00X and another where Crash always comes out a Moon. GOOD BETTING TO ALL OF YOU. BE RESPONSIBLE, DON'T BET COINS YOU NEED FOR SOMETHING ELSE!
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