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  1. Coindrops are being swarmed by bots as soon as they're dropped. Maybe if there was a simple captcha or wall between opening and receiving coins the real players would have a chance. Below are five coindrops I screenshot. All have been grabbed by the exact same people and less than a nano second after being dropped. It's too obvious and seems like a simple fix
  2. It's a confusing situation. But no worries I'm permabanned now.
  3. Is it just me or is it some people get rained on multiple times. While others get none? Anybody know why and how being chosen for rain works. I feel like I'm missing something other than just rain.
  4. You look very middle eastern sir. Why the self hate? Touched as a child?
  5. Sweet codes and shit codes are like my dad. I'm sure they exist but I'll never see em.
  6. Haha whatever. 1. I'm sure the person giving out codes can easily check. And 2. Shut yo dumb ass up.
  7. Hey coco. It's my birthday today. Hoping I could get a sweetcode or shit code. Either would be awesome.
  8. I was looking for the restroom and some little lizard guy pointed me over here. So other than trying to drop the Browns off at the Superbowl where's the shit codes... And toilet paper.
  9. Hi guys. I'm StankFrank. Stank is short for Stanklin. Trying to learn my way around. So how's boy some shit code?
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