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  1. Hi everyone! BC.Game Is Hiring Community Managers. We Are Especially Interested In Hiring Community Managers Based In India, Phillippine, Indonesia, and Veitnam Territories. This will be a work from home full-time job with monthly salary! Candidates must speak the language of their target region fluently. The tasks for the job will be the following: 1. Chatroom maintencace in the corresponding language. 2. Collect problems toward the bc.game product. 3. Game feedback and any other suggestions. Generally the role is a bit customer service+ MODS. Please fill out this form if you would like to apply. If you qualify, our hiring manager will reach out to you for an interview and to discuss the details of the position. Your responses will not show in this forum. As always, your information is secure. https://reurl.cc/Lbl7ly Also send your CV to joliebc@protonmail.com Thank you!
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