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  1. Dude don’t message me anymore. Don’t u got a beheading to go to? Retard
  2. Wait.. u not even the same guy I was talking to. Wtf u come from? I appreciate you butting in just to ridicule someone but you could have actually kept that comment to yourself. (It was really unnecessary.) The world is going through enough already bruh. We don’t need more haters and name calling. I mean.. if I wanted any lip from you, I would just simple jiggle my zipper.
  3. Oh hold up…. I didn’t know there was an auto cash out for real!! Wtf… thanks for the tip. I never paid attention to that.
  4. No.. I get what ur saying. It’s on a level of the law of attraction in a way. Except I can just here as normal and reverse. Hope to lose expect a loss but have an unfortunate win. At this point, Idgaf about winning anymore. I give up and accepted my way of life and my luck. Also… haven’t u heard the news?? The internet has Gag order in Canada. USA next and UK. We are about to lose the internet entirely. What’s the point….
  5. Oh yeah? So I set it to auto cash out? Because I won’t be “physically” in the room to stop it (Fail)
  6. I hate to say it about this crash game because I like it but it’s almost scammish. Unless the mf just recognizes me or something fuck. Literally wiping out the entire room of players “consecutively” 1.00x 1.00x 1.02x 1.00x 1.09x 1.02x 2.19x wtf! That alone fuqn make bank for the game and nobody shad a chance.. but mysteriously the very VERy first time I skip.. mf goes to 100-400x… bullshit. Either I have a direct curse of bad luck, or the system is rigged for to “NOT” allow me to win purposely by some matrix government fucking wtvr. Who the fuq knows. It’s just “impossible” for me to be successful or fortunate by any means. It can’t be coincidence that no matter how many times I play. I can’t catch a ride to 100x. It only goes up, if I’m not in the game. Unbelievable.
  7. $1,500 for visitation, $5,000 for custody based on the drugs, neglect, abuse by older half siblings and the teens producing and distributing pornography on social media.. I don’t have a gambling problem. My dad did and I hate gambling… I’m just at a loss, stuck on the country, vehicle camshaft broke, can establish my business here since I was displaced from the double hurricanes end of last year. I’m a contractor painter. Anyways, the ex robbed me and ran to another state, I can’t see my son because the mother can’t face me after I discovered she lied and coerced the kids into hiding the deception. Now I’m sure she is alienating my son from me and saying I want to take him away forever.. (which wasn’t the initial plan). Came here to family’s property to get back on my feet and my own mom robs me of my kids stimulus payments, both of my brothers lied for her for two months while I was questioning. Found out when the money was gone… so they all watches me suffer here stressing over my credit cards defaulting, Verizon almost in default which I’ve been maintaining a family plan of 5 devices. Which the ex took 4 of them on installments. (All on my credit) so now I’m ruined.. this bc gaming stuff is just a desperate attempt which I’ve lost $1,600 but I’ve only actually deposited maybe $130 bucks maybe… just a fluctuation of wins and losses trying to get at least a solid 1k just so the attorney can get started with serving my ex papers for court. (I am the unluckiest person I think..) life is just weird.. it’s like, a curse or something. It feels like a force that exists to prevent me from having any form of decent lifestyle or fortune. I can’t even win a fuqn goldfish at the fair I think I just made it out of that suicidal mindset of giving up. I’m at “acceptance” now. Just can’t stand the thought that she avoids me instead of talking like An adult. She tends to ghost her bosses, family, storage unit people requesting payment, landlords… i m just another debt collector to her now and she will avoid me with every which way she can. “Silence is not better than lying” I apologize for sharing sadness here.. sigh.
  8. I do hope everything exceeds your expectations and you get MORE than a hefty sum. Ive never found myself in a situation where I had to sue a person.. I’m always the one paying court costs and attorney fees if I ever am involved in legal matters. Sometimes I feel I should let a city bus bump me a time or two though..
  9. Wow.. just saw that 100k loss.. I just recently started playing and I’m at a $1,600 loss I think. I have only 1 cent of btc, ltc, doge and bcd.. (hardly play anything over $1. Sad part is.. I’m not even trying to play for wealth and profit. Trying to win enough for dumb lawyer to help me get visitation to see my son.
  10. The most unlucky player here… wishing everyone even more fun, luck and success than I will ever experience! Being a loser is not entirely terrible. It still feels good inside to see other players flooded with excitement. May fortune flow generously into your lives! btw, I’ve never seen or won a sweetcode/shitcode ever. I only win JP in the spinwheel. (Like everyday)
  11. A: BCgames to the Moon! B: BCgames.. join it, play it, love it!
  12. Is there a coco in the house? Ok… I must have the worst luck in the world or something because I’ve searched everywhere for a sweetcode/shitcode or whatever it is. Hours and hours wasted scanning the web. Does it even exist?? Also why is it that every single time I spin the wheel, it ALWAYS lands on JB? That doesn’t feel random or lucky at all. Why didn’t they just give me a special wheel that has one color and says JB only. This way I would not have High expectations.. when does “chance” become apparent?
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