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  1. Shitcodes Dont exist!!! Jokes on yall!!!! They just post a few deactivated links here and there just to see how long they can keep fucking with you!!! Catch them literally as soon as their posted and....... DEACTIVATED!!!! the few people saying otherwise are probably other mods or people from BC trying to sell the lies!!
  2. still...... No shitcode...... This cant be a real thing right??? This def isnt a real thing!!! was a good one though!!!! "Shitcode they said! " come to the forum they said" "Its worth it they said" well " They" are a bunch of f*#king liars!!!!! Shitcodes are like santa clause...... they sound great and all...until you find out the truth!!!
  3. STILL NO SHIT CODE!!! this is...... well..... kinda shitty!!! I guess newbies dont get Shit for shitcodes!!!!
  4. First Timer! Really could use a Shitcode!!! Better yet a Sweetcode!!!! (I know this is literally just about impossible!!) Def. could use a shitcode though.......
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