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  1. Already deactivated, fucking joke. Fuck u
  2. @Danny777man I'm serious bro, this is some straight bullshit. man I have been waiting here day after day after day today for three straight hours. then I'm the first one to see it post and the code is deactivated before I had time to copy and paste it. the first person and it was deactivated. come the fuck on man , this shit is fucked up. I'm really starting to feel some type of way about this shit. it's disrespectful. why even have the fucking things if you're gonna do us like this? do u guys think it's funny? man what the fuck?!
  3. are u fucking serious I was the first person on here it said so. I copy and pasted and it was deactivated. bro I just sat three fucking hours four that this is a fucking joke man. fuck all of this
  4. hey I'm Tru or aka ALLiN and I'm all in in every area of my life at all times. even when I dont want to be. let's hustle through the struggle!
  5. Danny come on and help me today man, please
  6. Any chance for coins?


  7. When are sweetcodes passed out?
  8. Bro, you guys all sound like losers to me. If u go into a casino and gamble u can lose ur money, everyone with half a freaking brain knows that the odds favor the house always. You’re trying to come here and build a hustle off of them, duh, of course it’s not gonna let you do that. What establishment in the entire world would do that? As for the seeds and manipulating the sequence of the hashes it’s just one little thing u found as a programmer with little to no knowledge about what you’re talking about so that you can justify crying about losing money. Don’t want to lose your money? Don’t fucking gamble. But stop coming on here and crying like some broads. Bc is legit in most regards. But nowhere is perfect. What makes these places fun to play at is not having cry baby ass losers like you around. So glad you’re leaving don’t let coco hit you in your mouth on the way out!!!!
  9. So far I think coco is the shit! Don’t any other casinos have anything close to resembling our coco. Coco is the shit, literally be dropping shitcodes!!! Hahaha, and as elusive as coco is, if u stay on schedule u can catch him. And he hooks it up!!! Long live coco on bcgames!!!
  10. Real talk, what’s the point of shitcodes? From what I’ve seen, u have literally 30 seconds to copy and enter otherwise it’ll be deactivated. I can’t understand why u make it so hard to use them. I hear they’re only worth about &0.50. With all the players u have why make them so hard for us to use?!
  11. They’re random bro. He usually posts once a day. But he ain’t been on here today yet
  12. Danny when are u gonna drop em mane? Hook it up pimp!!!
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