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  1. haha ive win huge like big ones. but i think the system detects that i have been tipping alot of people more than the min tip amt and by the time im gonna play again, coco will just take it all lol hqhah if you see my transaction i have way more tip transaction than withdrawal HAHA and still we dont mind. i still keep on depositing and looking forward to create another hype in the Filipino room. ADMINS AND MODS MUST APPRECIATE PEOPLE LIKE US CAUSE IT HELPS THE COMMUNITY STAY IN THE PLATFORM LONGER. even the daily spin doesnt give you that much anymore unlike before. i prerer the daily tasks before as well. trend now for those who begs tip is they will send you min amt and will ask 10x of the amount (diff token) haha
  2. hoping admins and mods can be considerate to those who diligently made it through deposits lol.
  3. whuut haha deactivated already so quick. no personal sweetcode for me I was busy playing with dice, @Danny777
  4. yes to this please. my jaw dropped literally when I saw how bc game looks like. haha I love roulette (the real one) and I hope we can implement that so I won't just play dice
  5. for 82.5x payout, more than 300 hahah
  6. it's gonna be my birthday on the 6th. any admin, mods giving me a sweetcode as a gift? I've been generous enough to my Filipino community (and to some Admins as well) . and reached my level by continuously playing.. Sad but true that my previous casino isn't part on the VIP transfer program. I have never begged for tip FYI. HAHA Just one SWEETCODE @Coco Bcgame@Coco_Father @Danny777
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