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  1. Also, your explanation on multiple tabs proves my point and strengthens my question as to who or what is stealing a bet away from me. since only one bet can be pushed at a time, the "seed in use" error popping up on my screen suggests that another bet is being pushed on the same seed as mine from somewhere else
  2. i only created the second tab to prove how the "seed in use" error message pops up. it will show myself closing the window afterwards. this is not the account that i made the video on because i didnt want any retaliation done on the actual acct i use for posting. i used this account for theorycrafting in relation to my main. this is more like a sacrificial lamb acct.
  3. So, I've come to the conclusion that there is definitely something fishy going on. At least with my account. Ever since one day on this site where it seemed like my luck wouldn't end (went up from 40 dollars up to around 1000 in a matter of 20 minutes), I have had the worst luck ever since, along with other weird shit that has happened. But today, I decided to record a quick plinko session to display what I think is a potential wrongful act on the bc.game programming/provably fair system. The video simply demonstrates how a "Seed in use" error message pops up at the bottom left of your screen. What I did was open two windows of plinko. I set one on auto bet, and the other I controlled manually. After manually clicking "bet" numerous times while the auto bet window was auto betting; the "Seed in Use" message would pop up. This concludes that multiple bets are being made at that same exact moment on that particular seed, but only allowing one to actually get through. I then closed one of the plinko game windows, and also showed that my computer was the only one that was running an active session on my account prior to all this btw. After I closed the second plinko window, and was playing only on one window of plinko. I proceeded to make bets at high risk/16 rows at a low wager. I then turned on turbo mode to get more bets in per second, proceeded to exhibit extremely fast manual clicking, and also holding the spacebar for a certain amount of time to prove that my rapid clicking/spacebar did not cause this "Seed in Use" notification to pop up. Sure enough after a large amount of [0.2] hits, I see the "seed in use" message pop up, and coincidentally I won a couple 4x/9x hits. What is causing that? I feel as if someone or something/programming is "stealing" my rolls that are potentially a big payout. This has been happening to me for several weeks now and I think I deserve some type of explanation as to why that message keeps popping up, and why does it happen when I start to win non 0.2x multipliers? During my recording my nonce started at 0 and ended at around 772. During those bets I hit the 26x about 2 times, less than 5 9x multpliers, and maybe 10-20 4x wins tops. The "seed in use" message popped up around 5 times during those rolls. Who or what is stepping in to take a roll away from me? Isn't this fraud/cheating? I'm going to continue to record the odd events that I've been noticing/encountering.
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