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  1. Stupidity + ignorance = Risk department of BC. Dont you realize and understand it. Its not because they dont have solution, they do but they need to by pass the Risk department to approve. Risk department role is manipulate and steal much as they can. Even no fcking sense of their rule.. simply because bc is final decision. They can abuse and nothing you can do about it. They obtain license with the bottom of from the worst top 5 license of Curacao. Legitimate is base on what you do in process and transparency, while bc obtain license to tell you that they can abusing rule no one can fcking do about it. i challenge any single of bc staff from Risk department have discussion, none of them have guts to discuss, while lower staff doesnt have answe or able to explain. Dont you know Abusing their power over rule to player is how the Risk department keep their job. you have question or concern, you can ask or email them. But they choose not to response, what you gonna do? Hahaha. Bc is great, staff is awesome while no voice or have gut challenge rule to the top. whos the top? The fcking risk department :))
  2. Sadly we have a dumb Risk department team. They used only single static that decision by bcgame when they cant explain and having common sense. You cant beat the THEFT. 1. The affiliate was not their money. Bc is false claimed of their own. Read your rule BC. 2. No id verification, or any verified to say you are who you say you are and trying enforcing rule of multi account violation? 3. Bonus is a program to participate, if bcgame dont agree, they can eliminate program that offer to player. But say they have the right to own your asset, without any proof that you are manipulate or hacking on gameplay is really biggest mistake. You dont take steal asset because people violate your rule. If you dont like how they play you can terminate service and send fund back to player. you dont want they participate your program you can stop them to participate. you have option to disqualify to reward player. but choose not to. RISK DEPARTMENT IS JUST A THEFT.
  3. For instance the most scream out of rooftop is the one not paying out and steal fund of player. 1. Defraud casino ? Assume it true, what did casino do to prevent future happen? Its absolutely nothing. Because it not impact nor damage to casino. So don’t bull shitting player 2. How do we earn reward? By wage, we play we pay and we earn. Casino claimed that affiliate reward is their money is fraud and total shame. Remember casino already taking 75% out of it. Other mean its player money, not belong to casino. so how the fck they have problem on how we use the money and sending to who? 3. Casino is banned the account that does not violate rule, does not have affiliate. the reason is receive p2p?. You are operating cryptocurrency platform. 4. Casino dont even know who the i am and claimed relationship of 2 account. by what? My word? Hahaha what a shame process. Biden is my kid. Do you believe me ? You ban because account carry over $10,000 and other account over $5000. We used called THEFT. Because having option to not allow account continue participate. To do right thing rather than being THEFT. Defraud is laughable. Really hahaha
  4. Boy oh Boy alot of winning did not meet bet requirement lol
  5. Here you go. noted that you missed my first round challenge. do your job please
  6. This event no expired date, where my ETH =]]
  7. Coco’s (Bc Game) has no limitations except make you a fortune. Future belong to who’s believe. username Unwilling Mate
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