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  1. I never seen a working shitcode!! My greatest wish would be to find a working shitcode or sweetcode in my inbox!!
  2. Ive NEVER found any shitcodes thats not deactivated!!! This sucks balls!!
  3. Danny777 please give us shitcode that does not get deactivated with in a few minutes please please please!!!
  4. May we please have some shitcodes!!!!
  5. Less than a hour and all shitcodes deactivated! Thats just plane shit!!!
  6. No sweetcodes and no shit codes. Just shit shit shit!!
  7. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet shitcode pleeeeeeeease!!!!
  8. Hi I am Gideon from South Africa...
  9. Could I pleeeeeeeease get some shitcodes!!!
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