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  1. so, i have not been following this progress since, what happened - has admins made any statement at all? or it is a silence in return? simply stole money?
  2. Meaning of word "Kumawat" :----- Word Kumawat is build up from three word "Ku", "ma", "Wat". ku -earth (dharati), ma -mother (mata), Wat -defender (rakshak). hence "kumawat" means defender of earth(dharati ka rakshak) or "kshatriya".
  3. who are these other users who look to have similar name pattern to your nickname; it looks suspicious, for reals! i wanna hear your ideas? i have had this guy, Raj Kumawat in our dice discussion telegram group for a year; i have never seen a suspicios behavior or talks about scamming anyone, any casino, any planning of illegal schemes with raj kumawat; i vouch for him, based on my recent experience; i believe that bcgame is in breach of player's trust and with this action of banning his account, you swindled him out of his money; i hereby demand that you present concrete evidence of his guilt, or immediately unlock his account for the purpose of user cashing out his legitimate winnings; should you fail to comply, i am going to call you out in every instance on internet where there is information posts about you, telling people to cash out and abandon this unfair, unjust, and scammy place of game! so speak or we end you! and don't try to threaten me, because i am a veteran gambler [10 years experience] and influencer - people listen to my opinion! after doing research, it turns out name Raj Kumawat means - a guy from Rajistan province and Kumawat is the name of community; there are literally 100's of raj kumawats named people and businesses in india!
  4. who needs that shit, anyways..
  5. bullshit, every link deactivated just 2 minutes after posting, right!
  6. so , you are into sniffing shit? what kind do you prefer: dog shit or cow shit? i suggest you quit the habit of sniffing shit :]
  7. don't like - don't play!
  8. i can shit in your pocket, if you wanna! postage service available, but please send Postage Paid P.P. coupons and the return address!
  9. that shit is real!
  10. use a tp code for toilet paper, don't shit everywhere in public
  11. dude, you need a tin hat!
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