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  1. Leon gets up, Leon gets up from his knees ...... You say, and you have ......
  2. Danny777 if you have any leftovers, I will gladly take .....
  3. They saw him fall, they couldn't help him they said he had gone like many climbers three days he was gone, he licked his wounds for three days, in the evening he returned and sat down at the table, with trembling hand he laid down the last coin, and WON, achieved victory, and was reborn again, he will fight hard until he stands on top, this is his place, this is the better life ........ 50x passed
  4. And the day came when the pauper shared his coin with the poor, and they took it and went out to multiply it to share it with the poor ....
  5. Or maybe some redundant code ..... please
  6. Mój kot chce ShitCode, bo musi zachować spaser !!!!! ......... proszę !!!!!!, Nazywam się Danny007
  7. Shitcode proszę ....... Danny777 please my cat, has to go for a walk !!!!!
  8. I want a real coin ..... please Danny777
  9. V0 to nikt. Bez deszczu, bez napiwków, przeoczyłem shitcode, może ktoś poda mi #BCGame Sweetcode #. Ewentualnie jakiś inny pomysł jak dostać się do V4......
  10. Hi Danny777, it's nice to meet such a noble man nowadays !!!! I'm V0, you know what it means 0 rain, 0 tips 0 all but JB. I can beg. But people will start crying and stop playing. Dannny777 do something. Please
  11. We don't have shitty time, because there is not and will not be. Do you want to know the shitty time of your descent?
  12. I am grounded. If there is ShitCode today, remember me please !!!!!!!! Please ShitCode !!!!!!! because I can't fly.
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