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  1. I got USD$4.50 balance in my Paypal account. How about i send you the balance and you give me USD$3 worth of Dogecoin? Chat me if interested.
  2. Help me save my 11 days son. $USD100 to go for him undergo surgery operation. Donation is truly appreciated. 






  3. Hi. To be short. I am Ahmad Farhan from Malaysia and i have been go through all my faucet saving since 2016 to be withdraw for my 11 days son Surgery operation. He is my first child. 50% of the cost covered by my saving.. 30% from my faucet balance. 10% from my family and siblings. But i still not enough money around 10% which is around $USD100 only. The Hospital need the payment first then they will start the operation. As human, i am ashamed to ask people money in here. But as a father this is nothing in order to save my son.
  4. Real fast this time i open up the notification
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