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  1. So I played some and I think I prefer to solo. I wish I could play multiple hands like in real life
  2. Sexyrobloverboy


    I'm a fan of changing the seed often as well. I play 5x 8x and 100x depending on how I feel!
  3. So in a brick and mortar casino there is a tact to playing blackjack. So when a player hits , splits , or stands with certain hands people at the table can become upset because the card you took could have been the card "meant" for them, or a card that would have busted the dealer ect. So online blackjack has no option to chat at the table so this problem doesn't exist, or does it? I personally play alone to avoid other people misplaying and the frustration that ensues . What are your thoughts?
  4. Savior sword is the newest addition to BC. It is very interesting this far. It is a slot game that plays to a bonus wheel that you achieve by getting the three parts of the sword on the Roll wheel. It still has a few bugs that need to be worked out I noticed when playing that if I won I would see the green payout before the wheel stopped spinning which in a way is nice but it takes all of the element of mystery when you do hit the sword bonus. All in all I still need to play a little longer to see how I feel about the game in general but it's a great addition to the games available on BC.
  5. It's not just you, but I have had crazy runs where I've cashed all the ladders over and over too
  6. Don't forget if you get scared you can cash out anytime!
  7. Ladder slots is a really fun game once you know how to play. The objective is to roll the symbols (book ankh gem) and not roll the skull. Each time you roll a symbol it appears on the ladder above. You need to fill the ladder and get one more roll to receive an extra bonus. For example if you roll 3 books you will fill the ladder so any books you roll when it's full you will receive an instant bonus. If you roll a skull you will lose a step on all the ladders you've aquire a symbol on. The only different one is the ankh , it has the most steps , it's worth the most and if you get it to the bonus you will roll the big wheel for your bonus amount! Careful though, you can toggle your max bonus at the bottom and the higher the max bonus the more skull you will roll. Good luck!
  8. Although classic dice is very simplistic in nature it does have a complicated depth to it as well. Now a lot of people swear by the martingale technique but there are holes in doubling your bet because of the red waves that exist even in 2X. Personally I'm a fan of playing 4x to 8x. My personal opinion mimics martingale in a way but it's different. I usually start by deciphering a base bet usually 1% of the coin I start with if possible ( is 100 coin = 1 coin bet). We can use 4x for example. I will run about 8 losses then double to 2 then 4 more bets. If I still haven't won I'll increase to 4 . So if I'm at 12 bets all red I can assume I will see a win within the next 8 bets. I follow my gut and decide on increasing to 8 or 10 then pushing into the reds. It doesn't always work but I've had luck hitting 1-5 wins after a solid 12-20 loss wave. Then after the green pocket reset to 1.
  9. I've never tried anything super high, but maybe it's time to give it a whirl
  10. In limbo you can change the multiplier as you wish but what is the benifits to playing 2x or 8x or even 100x? So personally I play 5x most often. I like it becuase normally I don't see more than 10 reds except the one 40 red wave but I see a ton of 2/5 or 3/8 roll greens. The benefits of playing a lower multiplier like 2X is you can quickly double up your coin, or more if you get a nice green run. And you can do this without having to bet as low. Playing 8 or 10 x has benefits as well. Even though you see a lot more reds and sometimes waves in excess of 40 or more losses when you do hit a little green pocket of 3 ,5 ,or 7 wins you can really win some coin quickly. 100x (or more) has benifits too. If you time it right you can win massive coin. The downside is that you may have to run 100-500 bets to even see a win.
  11. The best realistic hand to get for me is 4 of a kind. I see 1-3 a day and if I lucky I'll be betting something decent. Has anyone seen anything better? Straight or royal flush? Yes I know it's all random but I've noticed after long loss streaks that I see 4 of a kind more often. Anyone have any big 4 of a kind wins?
  12. Personally when I play Hilo I always go for the highest multiplier option. So if I'm dealt a 2 I will choose lower or the same. Now I run into issues when I get stuff in the middle like 7 and 8. So I usually just go lo on 8 hi on 7. Then the next card. I play higher risk so if I can win two in a row I usually take it, that being said I've tried for more and never was able to get more than 2 . Ex : Opening card is a 3 , I go lo Next card is a 2 , I go lo Next card is another 2 This is where I cash out because no matter how many times I try I can't get another win going lo. So why don't I go high? Becuase I want to go lo So what do you guys think? Does anyone play the same way as I do? Who thinks I'm horrible, my strat is trash and swears by playing the best % odds? Anyone gotten 3 wins in a row playing low odds?
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