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  1. They better cut their fucking shit because I have friends who work at MIT in Boston and can figure out where these fuckers are.. I have no qualms about saving up for an overseas trip to pay these bastards a visit and it'll be a visit they're gonna regret. Cuz it will involve them ending up in the fucking hospital. And they won't be able to do a thing about it because ill be on my home before authorities can even address it
  2. MrBojangles

    VIP Host

    What I'd like to know is why do you people advertise that every VIP gets an exclusive VIP host? Yet you stipulate that in order to get the host you have to be level 38 and in the top 200 for highest wagers? I've been seeing so much false advertisement on this site that it amaze me that your asses haven't been either shutdown or fined. Do you even know how to follow consumer bylaws or do tend to screw over every single patron on this site besides the ones who have assfuck tons of money already? An answer back would be appreciated because if u don't then it's only going to make u more transparent.... catch my drift?
  3. Also BTW, if u create new profiles, how the hell do they know its the same person using another profile they made with a different email under a different email administrator? If they know for a fact that that's definitely the same person, then they are also hacking people's shit which is immoral and ILLEGAL!
  4. Wow! Nice job BC Game! You never cease to amaze me! You are a bunch of nasty fucking assholes to think its ok to not only overlook this but also to be directly responsible for this! You really have no care in the world for anyone but yourselves you greedy destitution causing pieces of rat shit. Don't think for a second this hasn't inspired me to go next level with this shit and take it to the evening News or create a web page informing people to stay away from here. You ugly fucking bitches! Maybe you should be the ones who die! Eat shit and die of cancer!
  5. MrBojangles


    Thats complete bullshit and unfair practices on BC.Game's part! That's favoring certain players and completely cheating! You guys at BC.Game are a bunch of lowlife nasty assholes! Legal authorities really need to step in and end your sorry stupid asses already!
  6. I'm kind of a little shocked to see you actually ask for feedback and suggestions considering you don't pay any mind to what we request as it is f dollars and you make up your own mind as to what changes will occur. You disgusting assholes have chopped away over 60% of the bonuses we once had! Your games, to top it all off, absolutely suck ass now and are by far ridiculous and impossible now. What's the fun if can't win something once in a while!? Now it seems like the only ones who win anything are the ones with millions of dollars they're throwing down the drain at you. 12 bitcoins wagered in a day!? Are you fucking kidding me!!!??? That is the biggest waste of thousands of dollars. Then you act like a bunch of assholes in chat and mute anyone who it seems knows too much or speaks their mind. You listen here you goddamn disgusting nasty little shitfucks, you need to focus on being fair and STOP TAKING SHIT AWAY FROM US YOU DIRTY SCAM ARTIST LITTLE ASSHOLES! AND DROP YOUR HOLIER THAN NOW ATTITUDE LIKE YOU OWN EVERYONE, CUZ GUESS WHAT? YOU DONT YOU UGLY WHORES! IM ON THE VERGE OF PLACING A NASTY VIRUS ON THIS SITE JUST TO FUCK YOU OVER AND SHOW YOU BITCHES WHOS MORE POWERFUL! EAT SHIT AND DIE!
  7. Every game on here fucking sucks now! This whole place is so goddamn unenjoyable. Its only the rich habibs that fucking win! Go figure its potential terrorists that always win! Nuke em!!!!!!
  8. Yes sir it has happened to me too. They're a bunch of liars and sneek thieve and wil
  9. Any of you morons that speak highly of this craphole probably work for the assholes! Anything to protect your ponzi scheme illegal fraud of a company. Right? And i doubt any of u have actually been treated really nice you dumbfucks! Get a fucking brain and some integrity! Oh and BTW, they say all moves are randomly picked... Bullshit! Cuz if it was truly random you would have an even better chance of winning than whats offered here. So funny how almost every single last move made in a a game is a losing move when u program a formula to aide you. Everything is programmed to fucking lose! THATS NOT RANDOM WHEN ITS ALREADY PREDETERMINED! GET A CLUE ALREADY!
  10. Another fraud proudly performed by BC.Game... When are you assholes at BC.Game ever going to have some integrity? Are you part of some screwed up mafia organization or something? Seriously it is amazing how you haven't been shut down yet! I really do hope that eventually you are shut down and you all face some serious jail time for what you've done.
  11. I've only been on this site for a little while now. I blow off a little steam in the chat room and immediately im shut off from chat and support. What the hell kind of site is this? You are the nastiest and worst #j o lie to your patrons about how fair everything is here and it's anything but fair! When I play an ethereum coin in Keno and not one single move wins, and that's not an exaggeration either, that is far from randomly picked! Also when almost every last move on the wheel when working a formula put in on auto is a losing move, tell me, is that very randomly picked. NO! IT' S DELIBERATELY PICKED! Give us a break already! I've messaged two different admin members and not one response back on when I get unbanned from chat and support. I don't know, but if you tell me, blocking someone from chat especially is a sign of them being shady and trying to hide something they don't want revealed.... just saying... In the mean time admin members, STOP BEING A BUNCH OF NASTY JERKS WHO WANT TO RUIN PEOPLE'S GOOD TIMES ON HERE AS WELL AS THEIR WINNINGS! You're not doing anything but showing us all how much you want to not only ruin our good times but also how mean, evil, and nasty you all really are! Also, tell me when and the hell I'm unbanned from chat! NM
  12. Sounds like they like to discriminate... They don't help whatsoever! They're the rudest and nastiest scam artists ever..
  13. When do we acquire a VIP host? I heard they give weekly bonuses. I'm kinda looking forward to that :-)
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