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What is Fairy Cat ?


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“Fairy Cat” is an NFT-GameFi ecological game base on the BSC chain with the theme of “Fairy Cat”. The game incorporates a diversified “Play to Earn” gameplay. Players can obtain $TDD rewards by collecting cat fragments, synthesizing fairy cats, PvP player battles and NFT transactions.
1.Project background:
“Fairy Cat” is the first cat series game launched by forest kingdom co-founded Tesla (former member of Blizzard) and Jason (former member of Google); it has been incubated by Stanford University and Harvard University blockchain laboratory. The core members of the team are from Google, Blizzard, PayPal, Riot Games, Sony, Chaos and other top Internet and large well-known game companies in the world. So far, they have received US $ 5 million in financing.
Stanford University Lab showed: “The forest kingdom team has rich experience in game product design and game ecosystem construction. After launching the first chain game “Fairy Cat” on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we believe it can build a global decentralized blockchain game platform with “TDD” as the token finally realizes a completely decentralized NTF game metaverse ecology.

Difference from the chain game projects currently on the market, what are the highlights of “Fairy cat” ?
2.Project Highlights :
1.It has developed by a cutting-edge technology team composed of former members of Blizzard and Google;
2.It has successfully obtained financing from well-known institutions US$5 million;
3.It has diversified game mode of cultivation;
4.Simple play-ways , rich rewards, and first choice to earning Gold;
5.Abundant welfare activities: first-generation cat pre-sale, capital-guaranteed IDO competition, TDD airdrop, prop airdrop, etc.;
6.80% of the capital inflow from the cat pre-sale market will flow into the Fairy Cat liquidity pool;
7.Projects cats will be used as the IP to release a varity of games to build a decentralized NFT game metaverse ecology:
8.The DDino NFTs generated by the blind box can be applied to the cat series games and metaverse ecology launched by the platform in the future;
9.Fairy cat Economic Model:
TDD:The only token that can be circulated in the world of Cat Kingdom, with a total circulation of 4 million pieces, will never be issued again:
TDD Project Development Layout
The project will release several games, the first one is “ Fairy Cat”, which will be released in January this year. Cat ********, Pinball cat, Kingdom of Cats, Cat Manor, Fairy Cat (AR Breeding), will be released later to form a digital Fairy Cat metaverse ecology. TDD is committed to building a global decentralized blockchain game with “ Digital Cat” as the IP, further marketing a global scale, expanding the user base, attracting more players , and building a global decentralized blockchain game with “TDD” as the token. The platform finally realizes a completely decentralized NFT game metaverse ecology.
The Gamefi craze around the concept of the metaverse has launched on, hence the Fairy Cat project has a cutting-edge technology team composed of former members of Blizzard and Google, a rich and diversified new Play-To-Earn model, easy to play, and has successfully obtained more than $5 million in financing.Thus, can Fairy Cat achieve curve overtaking and become the star dark horse project of the first GameFi track in 2022 after AXIE and RACA?

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Fairy Cat is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game that allows players to collect, breed, and battle cats. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and uses the $UCO token as its native currency.

To play Fairy Cat, players must first purchase a cat NFT. Cats can be purchased from the game's marketplace or from other players. Once a cat has been purchased, players can breed it with another cat to create a new cat. New cats can be bred with each other to create even rarer and more powerful cats.

In addition to breeding, players can also battle their cats against other players' cats. Battles are won by the cat that has the highest stats. Players can earn $UCO tokens by winning battles and completing quests.

$UCO tokens can be used to purchase new cats, upgrade cats, and participate in events. Players can also earn $UCO tokens by staking their cats.

Fairy Cat is a new and exciting NFT game that offers a variety of ways to earn money. The game is easy to learn and play, and it is sure to appeal to a wide range of players.

Here are some of the features of Fairy Cat:

  • Play-to-earn (P2E) model
  • Breeding system
  • Battle system
  • Marketplace
  • Staking
  • $UCO token

Fairy Cat is a promising NFT game that has the potential to be a major success. The game is well-designed and offers a variety of ways to earn money. If you are looking for a new and exciting NFT game to play, then Fairy Cat is definitely worth checking out.


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