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Cashed out $70k with $200 deposit

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Cashed out $70k and all I have to say is fuck BC.game lmao and fuck everyone that works for bc.game y’all are all scammers, scammers are the most despised even amongst criminals. Yes I cashed out large and will continue to cash out large but not with this account because it’s a throw away now, I have 7 other active accounts all doing or on their way to doing the same numbers.

and no I’m not talking shit because what I’m saying can all be “verified and provable” by looking up my transactions. Check it out with my “provable fairness checker” lmao and look up my account brisalazar1985@gmail… you want another one doing the same numbers? I’ll edit this post after I’m done rinsing out my withdrawals assholes lmao. I discovered a pattern, some might call it a bug, but I call it payback you bitches, and fuck your bounty, I can make that bounty 100x over lmao, but I’ll probably just give it out so hopefully others can get back what y’all stole from them.

you guys claim to be transparent, honest and fair huh? If that was true then y’all wouldn’t be tricking people into thinking that you stood by those words instead you lie, cheat and STEAL by rigging the results and making sure people lose, you guys pay people to leave dishonest reviews and fake comments to TRICK PEOPLE INTO thinking that you’re fair and honest.


So I’m getting mine back with HIGH INTEREST, and after I’m done I’m gonna make sure others get theirs back too.


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